Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Day 8 iPhoneography Pt 1

Okay so here goes my first post completed on my iPhone from start to finish. Just to add that iPhone is a registered trademark of apple.
So this blog is all about new beginnings trying new things and just trying to be a little bit different. With that in mind are a few things I started doing including going for a walk on my dinner whilst at work and obviously this blog.
Today I have combined The two along with the use of my phone which also happens to be the most common camera in the world.
I am actually writing this via dictation on my phone which is a little bit strange and it is getting the odd word wrong.
The image today was taken with my phone and edited using two different pieces of software on my phone those being iPhoto and CameraBag both great little apps.
This is getting a little bit too weird now so enough is enough and without further ado here is today's image.



  1. Trying to work out if my office is on there. Let me know if you ever fancy meeting for lunch

  2. Hey Jo, didn't realise you had moved to the Cobalt Business Park, the sundial park is a lovely walk in the summer but is a little muddy (and poo-ey) at the moment. Will certainly be happy to meet up for a picnic in the summer!