Thursday, 31 January 2013

Day 31 - Deadline Day

It's a day of nervousness for football fans everywhere today. Will your team bring reinforcements in, or will your top player move on to pastures new? Since the introduction of the transfer window there has been one constant, Sky Sports David Craig at Newcastle United, so this morning I headed off to Newcastle's training ground to try and catch Mr Craig in action, and who knows even be able to bring you a top scoop.
Unfortunately he was across at Sunderland, and unless Newcastle are planning on signing one of the 3 very unfit looking fellas or the dog that were hanging around outside the training ground then I can't bring you a scoop.
So alas a quick rethink later and I had a new picture.
I'm not going to waffle too much as Sky Sports News is on, with Danny Graham about to arrive at Sunderlands training ground (despite being a staunch Newcastle fan, just shows that money talks).
Fingers crossed for a couple of big last minute deals for your club, as long as its not stealing players from any of the clubs I support.

I do kind of wish I had one of those really old black and white leather footballs, and some old style football boots, but you make do with what you have.

Have a good day


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 30 - Chasing Rainbows

It must be my lucky day. Today's image was going to be something totally different but you don't pass up opportunities like this. I peeked out the window this morning and what did I see but a lovely bright rainbow.

Now I had a conversation with a friend a couple of weeks ago when I was feeling a little bit down and she sent me a link to a guy who really really likes rainbows. ( I promised I would at some point capture a rainbow and make a similarly over the top video about it. So I have to apologise but there is no video as it was early this morning and it was too freaking cold and windy!

I chose this spot as I think the rainbow works well with the colours of the beach huts (told you they would feature a lot) I just wish that the colours of the rainbow were a little brighter but I don't want it to look fake if that makes sense.

There nearly wasn't a rainbow at all as by the time I had got to the beach it had gone, I was just about to drive away when it reappeared. So I quickly ran across and took a few shots and by the time I had gotten back into the car it had again disappeared.

I'm off to buy a lottery ticket now.


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Day 29 Gives you wings, or not!

I've decided you've been spoiled so far. So today's image isn't a fantastic one. It does however have a story.

I bought these cans of red bull (other energy drinks are available) simply because I thought they would look cool in a picture. I feel that in itself probably gives more of an insight into me as a person than anything else I have blogged so far.

I promise however I will try to make this rather poor effort up to to you.

In the mean time have fun and stay safe.


Monday, 28 January 2013

Day 28 - Mondays aren't that bad

They really aren't. So yes the weekend is over, and even after such a great weekend it is all to easy to allow Monday to come along and ruin that feel good factor you have built up over the last few days.

Don't get me wrong I would love to not to go to work and earn a living, but until that lottery win comes along thats just what I'm going to have to do.

That said I am writing this blog now so that Monday hasn't beaten me down, a blog posted at half ten tonight may have had a totally different feel to it. But for now Monday isn't so bad.

When Christine is running a little behind schedule I give her a lift into work, and when I do that I always take Erin down to the quayside in Blyth, and then along to the beach. Going to the quayside to see if there are any boats in takes me back to being a child when on a Saturday morning after going to do the stupidly boring shop in Presto's (yes I am that old) my dad would always swing by the harbour to see if there were any big boats in, and I liked that, and Erin seems to also. So for now its a keeper.

Then from there we headed along to the beach and for all it could do with a good clean up, the whole thing looked kind of awesome.

So here is today's image.

Dont let your Monday be Mundane, if its getting you down then stick your tongue out at it and have a little bit of fun!


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Day 27 - Soppy Git

Boy am I glad I went out when I did yesterday. Woke up this morning and realised all the snow had been washed away! Just like that.

It occurred to me yesterday afternoon that despite appearing in 2 images so far I hadn't introduced my wife. So thats what I am going to do today. Apologies in advance if this is a load of sentimental old tosh but it was going to happen at some point right?

What can I say about Christine Lynch then? I joke quite a lot about what a pain in the ass she is, well when I say joke, I actually mean, thinly veil the truth about how much she annoys me. But I wouldn't have it any other way, ever!

Most days I wonder how I managed to bag such a prize, I am totally aware that I am punching well above my weight (impressive considering what I actually weigh) and just hope that Christine doesn't ever realise this!
Christine is like any other woman in that she loves shoes, she is however totally unlike any other woman I have ever met in the fact that she finds shoes hilarious. Her 2 favourite comedy moments are Austin Powers (Who throws a shoe? I mean really that really hurt) and an Episode of Eastbound and Down (The lead character goes to get something out the fridge and there is a trainer in the fridge, he doesn't do anything with it, its just the fact there is a shoe in the fridge). I can pretty much guarantee reading this she will dissolve into a fit of giggles just thinking about it. I may have to at some point do a picture of a shoe in a really random place just for her!

What else can I tell you? She is amazing, and she puts up with all my shit. That in itself makes her a very special lady (no not thpecial, Christine, I know how your mind works). She is so easy to get along with that sometimes people do forget that she is human too and can get hurt by peoples actions and what they say, something if I am honest I myself forget.

So today I took a portrait of this wonderful woman, and as usual if you ask me she looks stunning. Taking pictures is easy when you have such a totally amazing subject to shoot.

And here it is.....

However thats enough of being nice, Woman stop reading and get back in the kitchen, my sunday roast isn't going to make itself is it! ;)

Have a good one people


Saturday, 26 January 2013

Day 26 Northumerlandian snow fun!

Today is a special day, its the last Saturday that we are going to be able to spend together as a family without taking holidays. So we made a conscious decision to make the most of it. So we decided to head up the the wonderful Northumberlandia ( in Cramlington with Erin's sledge.

I've been meaning to head up for a while as there are miles of walks around the lovely lady but have never actually gotten around to it. We will definitely be visiting again!

After struggling for days to get a photo today I have enough to last a week, but that would be cheating, so instead I will share a few images that didn't make it. In my opinion, some are better pictures than the one I have chosen, but today is about Family and I went out to get a shot and thats the one I am sticking with.

So first the images that didn't make it.....

Northumberlandia in the snow

Snowboarder making the most of the weather....

Everybody JUMP!

Winter Wonderland

Walking into the park

So the idea for today's photo was to get an image of us as a family having a bit of fun..... so here goes!

So all in all a fun morning, this afternoon will be full of hot chocolate and hopefully some baking!

Have fun and make the most of the weather before it all turns to a slushy mess!


Friday, 25 January 2013

Day 25 Beware Zombies!

Did you hear the sigh of relief this morning? You know the one where half of the country checked their bank accounts to find money in them for the first time since the 2nd of January, after getting paid a week early in December!

Payday means only one thing for me, spending money, bills, petrol, repairs and shopping. I don't hate shopping, I hate other people shopping, which is why I enjoy my late finishes. Asda is always pretty empty by then. It sometimes has quite a surreal feel to it if you get in before they start replenishing the shelves, kind of like the start of a zombie apocalypse. One day I'm going to get dressed up as a zombie and walk round the store aimlessly, unlike now where I do have a tendency to put on my music and sing loudly! (I haven't actually done this for a while to be honest)

So today's image is how asda looks to me when I go shopping and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Other supermarkets are available!


Thursday, 24 January 2013

Day 24 - No rest for the wicked.

I'm amazed its taken me this long to have a picture that is specifically work related. After all I spend more time at work each week than I do with my family. Well awake time anyway. It's a bit of a strange thing really that we spend so much time with people we haven't chosen to be with.
It makes it so much better when you work with a good group of people. Don't get me wrong I don't miss them when I'm not there, but at the same time they definitely make the whole work thing a lot more bearable.

The last 6 months has seen a fair bit of upheaval for me at work, I've had a fair few difficult decisions to make and a lot of changes to get used to but I feel very much that they are all for the better and I am enjoying my new role, for the most part anyway.

So without further a do, today's picture is my view that I have at work.

Thanks for peeking in.


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Day 23 - Best thing since sliced bread.

Today the blog nearly died. I was full of good intentions but just couldn't motivate myself or find the right time to take a picture.
January is a tough month for everyone, and once again its been one of those days where you just can't seem to catch a break. So how do you pick yourself up from that. Then I was struck by inspiration. The inspiration struck through my nostrils.
Now I don't know about you but there is one smell I just cant resist. Toast! I don't know what it is but as soon as I smell some I have to have some. Unless its burnt, in which case I can think of nothing worse.

So time for a little experiment, is it just the smell? Or does this picture make you want to go and pop a couple of slices of bread in the toaster?

Simple Golden brown toast with a good helping of butter. Yummy in my tummy!

My recommendation for a good slice of toast, Village Bakery Toastie Loaf from Aldi, and only 72p per loaf too!



Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Day 22 - More Winter

Well winter seems to still be going on. Another morning getting frozen for your pleasure, I really hope you appreciate it!

Today's lesson is to try and remain calm when you are feeling rushed. After getting up this morning I offered my lovely wife a lift to work. She left the house to take the child to school and she normally gets back to the house at 09:03 (very precise I know). But at 08:55 she walked past the house and I panicked quickly grabbing my kit and getting my stuff together (phone wallet the usual jazz) and headed out the door.

Off I went to Cullercoats to get todays picture. Clambering across rocks and the like to try and get the best picture I could, was certainly an interesting little adventure. Then time to get a little bit of shopping in so headed off to Morrisons (other supermarkets are available and are just as good if not better) to get the child some fruit. Got out the car went to the cashpoint.... but no wallet! Aaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhh.

Cue a mad dash back down to the coach to clamber across said rocks again to try and hunt down the lost wallet. No luck, turns out in my rush to leave the house I had not actually picked it up, even though I had it in my mind that I had. I read something a while ago that if you are looking for something the best thing you can do is think about something else, because your brain will trick you into not seeing it. Stupid brain, but it does seem to hold true in my experience.

Anyway I'm off to get warm again and watch some TV.

Stay warm and try to have fun people!

I know its actually 2 pictures but I am using a bit of software that I've had on my computer for ages called Diptic that is useful for putting images into simple frames. Its really quite good!


Monday, 21 January 2013

Day 21 Stormy Waters

I am totally aware that this blog is beginning to become a little bit of me just moaning about stuff. So apologies if thats the case. I will try to get it a bit more on track over the next few days.
The weather continues to dominate and once again Blyth seems to have its own little micro-climate. My twitter feed is full of people struggling to get out their streets due to the deep snow, my view out my window is a bit more miserable summer than crisp winter.
Don't get me wrong its still freezing out there as I found out when I went to get todays picture.

I was talking to someone the other day about how I live 5 minutes from the beach and yet I very rarely go there. Something else I promised myself I would do more. I have to be honest I drove down, mainly because I was on my way somewhere else, and parked the car and headed along towards the pier to get todays image. The sea was magnificent. Angry and crashing at the shore.

I had hoped to catch an image of the sea crashing right up against the lighthouse but unfortunately the sea level wasn't quite high enough, and I wasn't going to hang around for a long period of time with the snow / sleet slashing into my face (and into my equipment).

So the result of todays image is the below.

I hope that it shows the power of the sea as it was today. I may have to follow this up with a more general shot of the sea if it is still at its angry best tomorrow.

For those lucky enough to have snow, stay safe, for those who don't just lie to your boss and say you have and enjoy staying warm in the house!


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Day 20 - Just one of those days.

After 9 years without working a single Sunday, today I returned to the fold. And whilst work itself wasn't too bad, it was a fairly productive day, away from work it was a bit of a stressful day.

I was once again left to ask myself do people deliberately set out to try and piss me off? If the answer is yes then I must applaud them for their dedication and effort. It amazes me that people would be so inconsiderate. But apparently they are.

For those who read yesterday, I had a nice reply from NHL support this morning, totally useless but nice anyway! So I was still locked out. I tried 3 times this morning deleting and adding the app and all sorts of other nonsense, including setting up new accounts to pair my account with. So I had all but given up hope of watching the San Jose Sharks season opener tonight. But on the off chance I thought I'll give it another try. My old account is still dead, but I have managed to finally set up a new account and I am right now watching some as live NHL.

So back to the point, some days the photo will write the blog and other days the blog will take the picture. Today is a blog day.

My diet has gone to shit this week, with changing shifts and then spending 2 days away from home with little down time I have eaten a load of rubbish, and to be honest that and everything else has left me feeling a bit flat. So whats the solution. CAKE!

So I'm off to enjoy these little bits of cake and watch some NHL

Have a good evening, see you all again tomorrow.


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Day 19 - Still Locked Out!

Hockey is back, or so the NHL are saying, unfortunately their ability to get the season underway on time is matched by their customer service.

5 Days ago I purchased NHL Game Center through the iPad App as I had enough money left on my iTunes account from Christmas. Nice little treat for myself. Get to watch some hockey on my days off and enjoy the greatest players in the world playing the fastest team game in the world. But then when I tried to log in on my computer it says I need to buy a subscription.

So I fire an email off to the NHL and wait 48 hours for a response asking me to try switching my iPad off and back on again and try signing out of the app and back into it. Stellar advice. If I hadn't already told them that I had tried all of that in my original mail to them.

Anyway they ask for one piece of information so I fire it back to them and then wait another 24 hours for a response, but nothing. Unfortunately (for me) the NHL faced off this evening, and I was left without any NHL. I'd had a long day at work and thought I'd chase them up with a phone call. Surely their international call centre would have some sort of priority call queue for people calling an international telephone number. Hell no, twice I waited on hold for 10 minutes and then got cut off. I had given up, and was settling in to watch some recorded TV, not what I wanted but ready to settle. Thought sod it I'll give it one more try, so I rang back. And low and behold I got through to an actual human (after waiting for another 10 minutes).

The conversation went something a little like this.

Paul : Yeah I'm having an issue, I've purchased a season pass via the iPad app and I can't watch on the iPad which I know is a nationwide issue, and also I can't get Gamecenter live on any other platform. It is asking me to sign up for a season pass.

NHL Support: Have you tried signing out and back in.

Paul: Yes, I sent an email a few days ago would you like the reference number

NHL Support: No thats ok. Can I take your email address  (can't find my account), Can I take your postal address (can't find my account), Can I take your username (Success!)
Ok so in the top right hand corner does it say Hi then your name or user name

Paul: Yes.

NHL Support: Can you click on the bit where it says watch live now just to the right of your name

Paul: No, because its not there, Its asking me to subscribe.

NHL Support : Ok give me a minute..... Would you mind if I tried to log in to your account

Paul: Not at all, (gives password)

NHL Support: Strange its there on mine, just next to where it says Hi Jeffry.

Paul: I'm not Jeffry.... I'm Paul

NHL Support: Oh yeah that is my last customer. Give me 2 minutes

Paul: I have to admit, I'm a little but annoyed. I've probably spent more on calls than I did on the pass.

NHL Support: Yeah I can imagine.

At this point I was put back on hold while he tried to resolve the situation.

NHL Support: Sorry for your wait, (SIGH) I don't think there is anything else I can do for you, you'll have to wait on a reply to your email, they have more information than us.

Paul: Any idea how long that will be

NHL Support: Sorry I don't. I could give you a full refund.

Paul: Yeah if you do that I can try buying it again and hopefully that will fix it.

NHL Support: Ok give me 2 moments. Oh you said you purchased it through iTunes didn't you. We can't refund iTunes you'll need to contact them.

Paul: Is there anyway you can give me a promotional code to allow me to log in to watch todays games?

NHL Support: Give me 2 moments and I will see what I can sort out.

2 minutes later

Sorry I don't have any codes that I can give out. Would you like the number for iTunes.

Paul: I'll take it but I'm guessing its also a US number.

NHL Support: Yes it is. .......

Paul: Ok, thanks for your help anyway I'll await a reply from your support email team.

NHL Support: Thanks for your call, Sorry I couldn't actually help you.

That wasn't the full conversation, he admitted there were massive issues with xbox and ipad apps and generally huffed and puffed his way through the call.
Excellent customer service from one of the worlds leading sporting brands.

Anyway I will let you all know how it goes and if I get any success anytime soon.

Hope those that have been able to watch the NHL have enjoyed it.

And for those that come for the picture, its not a great one but it depicts my problem.

A very disgruntled NHL fan


Friday, 18 January 2013

Day 18 Ball Hockey Day 2

Another eventful day in Sheffield, this time it was the turn of a UK Select team to take on a very strong Plzen team and a progressing Team GB.

The UK select team had been drawn together just for this event to try and give the best opposition for both the travelling Plzen team and to provide a stern test for GB guys, and with several guys who had tried out for GB and not made it, they certainly had a point to prove.

So an early morning rise (possibly more to do with Chris Knott's snoring than anything else) and off to the Deli at the Don in what appeared to be the Red Light District of Sheffield. I have to say if the sex they sell is half as good as the bacon and sausage sandwich I got then those ladies must be very good at their chosen profession.

Anyway onto the hockey, and the UK Select (UKS from now on ) had the early faceoff against the team from the Czech republic. The guys from Plzen seemed to raise their game on the previous days events and again took the game to the Brits from early doors. 3 quick goals game them a strong lead at the break, but UKS looked dangerous on the break but couldn't find a way past the Plzen net minder. The second and third period headed the same way with Plzen controlling the game for long periods and UKS trying to hit on the break. The final score on this occasion ended 13-0 to Plzen.

A couple of hours later UKS looked to give Team GB a very stern test and from the off the looked to get stuck in to the hosts. In what was at times a feisty game GB took the lead in the 3rd minute with a powerful blast from the point from Ryan Davis. (I only know this cos I checked on twitter as I still don't know which is which, just as well they are both very nice guys otherwise I wouldn't know which one I didn't like, this is more a comment on how thick I am rather than their individuality). Ryan would go on to score a hat-trick with Richie Worrell, Stefan Corlett and GB's resident mentalist Johnny Tulip rounding out the scoring. UKS did manage to get on the board, scoring pegging Team GB back twice with goals from Rich Spiers and Adam Kelly.

However today's image has to be of those lovely Davis boys. Again, I'm not sure which one is in focus, but I'm sure I will be told pretty quickly

Well played to UKS today and good luck tomorrow for Team GB as they take on Plzen.

Thanks for reading


Thursday, 17 January 2013

Day 17 - Ball Hockey UK Day 1

Today I travelled to Sheffield in Yorkshire for Day 1 of Ball Hockey UK's pre World Championships warm ups.
For those that don't know Ball Hockey is a little bit like Ice Hockey but its played with a ball, in a sports hall with just trainers on your feet. (You don't need to make pretend skatey noises when you run either)

Todays action saw last years UK National Champions the London Crusaders take on Team GB and then later in the day HBC Plzen from the Czech Republic. This is a first for Ball Hockey in the UK as they prepare for the summers World Championships in Newfoundland, Canada. The growth of the sport has seen the National Team's preperation really step up a gear this year. The sport is massive in North America and in Eastern Europe. Again Team GB will take a ladies and a mens team to the World Championships, and this is totally self funded for the players. So if you are interested in sponsoring or helping out in any way that you can then please get in touch with who will tell you more.

So today's photo is from the first game, which was a tight cagey affair which Team GB won 1-0 with a goal from youngster Tom Cole. London nearly snatched a equaliser late on but 3 time GB international Ali Cree scooped a shot off the line after Netminder Richie Bennett was beaten by a bouncing shot. A good start for the GB team who rarely looked in trouble and controlled the game more as the game wore on.

Tom Cole rounds the London netminder but he wouldn't score this time.

In the second game of the day a weary London team took on a very talented Plzen team who passed their way through the London defence time and time again to take a one sided 15-0 victory.

Its been a very long and frenetic day but I'm sure I'll get to tell you more about that tomorrow, right now I'm off to Ice Sheffield to the Steeldogs training session so the day isn't over yet!


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Day 16 - Lazy

So I managed to last a whole 15 days not taking any pictures of Lego but on Day 16 I have succumbed.

Its mainly through laziness, as I am off work today and I really can't be bothered to leave the house as I am away for the next 2 days, I was hoping for some icicles to take a macro shot of, I even tried taking some images of the patterns the ice had formed on the windows of the car, I sat and waited for 40 minutes for a bird to come and feed on the neighbours snowy bird table but nothing.

It appeared to me that maybe all the birds were in hiding because of the cold, then the cold kind of took a hold of my brain and I remembered a conversation I had at work the previous night about life in outer space, and how different the world looks when covered in snow.

Then inspiration struck me (well kind of lazy inspiration). My daughter collects the Lego Minifigures and recently she got a couple of Alien type ones, so why not take a picture of them trudging through the snow.

So I did. Its a lazy effort and I understand that. But hey its my blog so deal with it. There will be many days like this throughout the year, just like 24 had sleeper episodes, my blog will have sleeper days.

So here is the first one.....

I'm off to catch up on some TV now, have a good day.


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Day 15 - Moody Skies and Cold toes.

More snow overnight, for those without facebook or twitter, how did we ever know what the weather was before social media.

So it made sense to grab a photo depicting said white stuff. And snow clouds always provide such interesting backdrops to pictures.

I jumped out the car and took 5 or 6 images but have to be honest, I nailed it with the first image. Always nice when that happens.
No matter what scenario, something whereby you may have to take multiple attempts there is a massive sense of self satisfaction in nailing it first time.

That said I always take a few more pictures just incase, I guess that is the eternal self doubt eating away at me. I always struggle to see the good in my pictures, and always pick them to pieces. Another reason why I struggle with things like this blog, putting yourself out there everyday to be judged, when some days you know you aren't going to produce your best work. Its a difficult thing to do.

So once again thanks again for all the positive feedback, if there is anything you would like to see, or even if you would like to get involved and be in a daily picture then get in touch by emailing

I'm willing to try pretty much anything.

Anyway today's image

Stay warm but have fun in the snow!


Monday, 14 January 2013

Day 14 - Oooh its snowing.....

... and I know that because both facebook and twitter told me, if it isn't people posting that its snowing its people posting sarcastic comments about people posting that its snowing. Not that I'm immune to it myself.

I love snow me. That said driving in the snow yesterday on the M74 made me feel like I was in the Millennium Falcon going to light speed, and the lorries overtaking me on the un-gritted surface was a little unnerving, but I survived to tell the tale.

This evening on the way home was a totally different story. Roads had been gritted (well just about) and they were very very quiet. So I could enjoy the driving on the empty roads without worrying about idiots doing 7 mph and braking constantly. We should really get people to learn how to drive in the snow properly.

Anyway back to the fact that I love snow, proper snow though, not a little spattering here and there, proper snow that makes the world look clean and crunches under your feet.
However, even a small amount of snow can make a normally boring looking scene look a lot nicer.

This was my view on the way home this evening,

This picture was a bit of a challenge as I have just started my new shifts at work, so I'm now working 12 hour days, and I didn't have my tripod with me. Tiredness, darkness and cold aren't a good mix for trying to take a picture, the first few were pretty shaky!

Enjoy the snow, and don't drive like a knob head


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Day 13 - The Lynch Mob

Family, is there really anything more important in life than family? I doubt it very much, you can't choose it and if you could there are definitely times you wouldn't choose the one you have, but most of the time you wouldn't swap the one you have for the world.

Today brings to an end a short break with my family in Scotland, so what better way to capture it than a posed family shot, this has nothing to do with me being lazy and my mum asking for a family shot at all.
I'm a 70's child so I've tried to give the image a bit of a 70's feel to it, so it looks a little bit more like the pictures my mam has of me. Maybe more of that in a bit.

So introducing the Lynch Mob. Back row from L-R we have Simon (my brother), Me (me), and Christine (my wife). Front row L-R we have Margaret (Mum), Erin (daughter) and Tom (father).

However my choice for pic of the day is this instagram image that I took about 10 minutes later.

Yesterday I witnessed a man taken from his family in his mid 50's doing nothing more strenuous than just watching a football game, so make the most of each moment you have with your family as you never know when you won't have them anymore.

Take care people.


Saturday, 12 January 2013

Day 12 - Fitba'

Do I have a treat for you today! More than one photo again, the official picture will come at the end (This Blog is like the royal family it has official and unofficial photo's)

Some people will be more keen on todays pictures than other, there are some people that think (they are wrong) that there are 2 teams in Glasgow. There is only one and they play in blue (and they played in hoops before the other lot too). If you haven't guessed by now I'm a blue nose, or a bear, or just a Rangers fan if you prefer.

I'm going to try and avoid the politics of football in the blog, but today I headed to Ibrox to watch the mighty 'Gers play Berwick Rangers in the Scottish Third Division. To give this some context, the likes of Berwick normally warm up to the season playing English Conference and below sides. Having seen a couple of games on the old google box I headed to the ground (with my brother, for whom attending the match was a birthday treat) not expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised with an entertaining game between a side that is obviously set up to gain promotion 2 seasons in a row without the addition of any players, and a team that were out to prove they could mix it with the big boys.

Lorraine Clark - The First female Linesperson to appear at Ibrox
It was a historic day at Ibrox that saw Berwick score their first ever goal at the ground, but also saw a female linesperson for the very first time at Ibrox. Lorraine Clark did very well, the biggest compliment I can pay her is that she didn't give the crowd any ammunition to berate her, despite the wolf whistles in her warm up.

Rangers (not the ones from Berwick) ran out worthy winners 4-2 but were made to work for the win, and suffered some nervous moments in the second half after Berwick had pegged back a comfortable 3-0 lead to 3-2.

So a good day all round for the birthday boy and I. Happy Birthday (a little bit early) to my Brother, Simon.

A couple of photo's I took that I liked and felt the need to share anyway........

Broxi Bear gets the crowd warmed up before the game!

A very moody looking Ibrox

And the picture of the day (I must thank Rangers FC for allowing me to take my camera into the ground today) shows Andy Little celebrating his first goal (he went on to score a hat-trick) with Dean Shiels in front of the Govan Stand.

Have a great day people.


Friday, 11 January 2013

Day 11 Greetings from Bonnie Scotland

This weekend see's the family head north to visit my parents in Ayr.

For those that don't know I'm Scottish, I may not have the accent but I am very much a Jock, I even drink too much and swear far too often. So every time I drive over the border into Scotland I shout woo  hoo and every time I head over the border the other way I shout boo. It amuses the child immensely, by that I mean Erin, honestly!

Each time we generally stop at the very pretty Annandale Water services, and usually I pop on one of the Jimmy hats complete with ginger hair. The last couple of times I have done this my daughter has been devastated. So today I asked her to don the hat, and eventually after much persuading (with sweets and promises of cuddles) she agreed.

So here we have, Greetings from Bonnie Scotland

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Day 10 Mans Best Friend

Today's blog is a bit of a sad one, for I fear the blog may outlive the subject.

Sully is our dog, she is a Boxer / Border Collie (Boxlie) cross and is 10 and a bit years old. I always joke that she was unfortunate in the fact that she got the brains of a Boxer and the energy of the Collie, meaning that she is daft as a brush and never ever stops!

Unfortunately for Sully she is no longer the puppy that she still thinks she is, and she always tries to do too much when she is out and about, this morning for example she went sprinting off up the beach to try and say hello to another dog, but half way there pulled up as she suffers with cramp in her back legs.

She is really starting to show her age with grey flecks appearing in her face fur, and generally sleeping quite a lot, in fact as I write this she is snoring away behind the sofa, either that or there is a train going by, I'm pretty sure its the dog though.

Sully is the most loving dog I have ever met and she loves nothing more than snuggling up to you and giving you the odd sly lick, okay there is nothing sly about it, she is a licking machine. When we first went to view her as a puppy she was only just walking and plodded across to Christine and licked her, and that was her chosen.

It will be a very sad day when she is no longer with us as she has been with Christine and I throughout our married life, but it is something that we are having to come to terms with as she gets older, Boxers on average only live 10 to 12 years and Collies are a little hardier living between 9 and 17 years. So lets hope she has plenty of that Collie spirit left in her yet.

With further ado, here is today's picture (taken just before she pelted off up the beach)

Have a good day folks


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Day 9 - Music and I

Its strange that something that is a massive part of everyone's life is something that is so overlooked.
I love music, all movies have soundtracks to help tell story's and by the same token so do our lives. If you think back to your childhood you will no doubt remember the first record / tape / cd / mp3 that you bought, and most likely you will be very ashamed of it.
For me it was Paula Abdul's Opposite Attract, and I am not one bit ashamed (well maybe of MC Scat Kat).
My first gig was with my now wife when she took me to see Del Amitri at City Hall, and my one regret is that I don't get to see more live music. The artist I have seen perform the most is Counting Crows who in my opinion always put on a very intimate show, no matter what size the venue. My tastes can be a little eclectic, my phone contains music varying from Vanessa Mae to Dr Dre and from R.E.M to N.E.R.D and including Professor Green through to Pink. (see what i did there, i'm proper clever me like)

So again I will probably look to music to inspire me throughout the following 11 and a half months. I suppose in one way I already have with day 3 which was inspired by the R.E.M song Bad Day.

Anyway thats enough of the words now. on to the image.

Thanks again to the wife for helping out. Thanks again for all the support from all of the people who have given me such kind words.


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Day 8 iPhoneography Pt 1

Okay so here goes my first post completed on my iPhone from start to finish. Just to add that iPhone is a registered trademark of apple.
So this blog is all about new beginnings trying new things and just trying to be a little bit different. With that in mind are a few things I started doing including going for a walk on my dinner whilst at work and obviously this blog.
Today I have combined The two along with the use of my phone which also happens to be the most common camera in the world.
I am actually writing this via dictation on my phone which is a little bit strange and it is getting the odd word wrong.
The image today was taken with my phone and edited using two different pieces of software on my phone those being iPhoto and CameraBag both great little apps.
This is getting a little bit too weird now so enough is enough and without further ado here is today's image.


Monday, 7 January 2013

Day 7 Back to School

As I entered the school playground this morning, once again there were two very distinct groups of parents. You had the parents who have had to work throughout the Christmas Holidays and were very relieved that the kids were finally back at school. Then you had the parents who had been off all of the Christmas holidays that looked crestfallen that they were once again having to trust these people that they don't really know with their little cherubs.
I'm very much in the first group and as such I really struggle to understand the second group. Not the missing your kids bit, I miss my daughter every single day that I don't spend with her, and if I could afford too I would love nothing more than spending every single day all day with her, as long as there were no financial pressures and no other time consuming pressures. Fact is that every moment is so precious that I end up wasting half of it worrying about rubbish that really is inconsequential. Anyway I have gotten so far off the subject I'm now not even sure where I was going, oh yeah, the tears and tantrums as the kids go back into school.
Its no secret that I have struggled with some of the teaching methods and attitudes of the teachers towards my daughter, but at the same time I know it is the best place for her, and I know to provide for her that I must go to work. And in all honesty, the holidays tend to be quite stressful.

So this morning this charade was once again played out, and once again I felt like a weight had been lifted. That said the traffic was horrendous. Todays picture introduces my daughter to this blog, once again she is likely to feature heavily.

Without further ado, I introduce Erin.

I hope those that can enjoy the peace and quiet that the kids going back has created, and those that like me feel the relief of them going back enjoy the removal of stress that is "the holidays"


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Day 6 - Fabiatastic

I've been looking forward to today for most of this week, not because I'm off work, or because I get to spend quality time with my family, but because I knew what the I was doing for this project.

This image was actually born about 4 months ago when a good friend of mine got a new car. He kept taking pictures of it and I said, if you ever want some pics taken just give me a shout. Then promptly forgot all about it.
Then last week he posted a photo to instagram of his car in this amazing location, and that was it I started pestering him and today we went and shot this, and another couple too.
We had planned to do a shoot of both our cars together (the multiple stages of Skoda Fabia's) but I haven't had a chance (couldn't be arsed) to clean mine, and you can only do so much with photoshop.
So after Dek I told him to lead the way as I wasn't 100% sure where we were going, all I can say he isn't a great person to follow and takes the weirdest routes ever!
This place is a great location and will no doubt now feature heavily over the next 12 months in my photography. Some great art on the walls and some amazing victorian factories being used for other means. I want a studio in this place, its brilliant!

Thanks for the feedback so far people, its what makes this project worth while, without the positive vibes from you lovely people, I wouldn't be doing this.

Thanks Mr Knott, hope you like the result, now to start thinking about tomorrows image!


you can follow Chris Knott on twitter @seekay8, contrary to popular belief he isn't really all that in to the dogging scene.

You can also follow me at @paulhlynch (Warning may contain language not suitable for small eyes or those easily offended) or @lynchography for my photo's. (

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Day 5 - Objects in the rear view mirror may appear prettier than they are.

For a while now I have long admired light trail shots by others, and have always meant to spend some time doing my own. With this in mind, there may be a few of these shots throughout the year.

This one shows that you don't have to go somewhere that looks amazing during the day (this is the spine road at the Three Horse Shoes for those that care) to make a pretty photo using people just going about their everyday business.

I don't have anything funny to say today, I'm just too tired, but for me this sums up my week, its all been a bit of a blur, and at times I have felt as if parts of it were passing me by. But I am a firm believer in taking time to stop and be thankful for everything that we have.

Have a great weekend folks (all 3 of you)


Friday, 4 January 2013

Day 4 - WAKE UP!!!

4 days in and there has been a blog and a photo every single day, I have far surpassed my own expectations. That said, it has been a real struggle.

It is a well known fact that January is the crappest month of the year. Everyone has had all of the cheer sucked out of them by Christmas and New Year and the cold realisation that nothing has really changed over the festive period hits us full in the face like a soggy dishcloth thats been festering in stagnant water for a fortnight.

Its the worst time of year to start something new, but at the same time, if you make it through January the likelihood is it should stick.

So how do we get through the month of January, when no doubt it will be cold, wet and miserable. How do we find the energy to go to work in the dark knowing we won't be home again until its dark again. That wonderful elixir of the Cofea plant, Joe, Java Juice, Mud, or as most of us call it Coffee.

That is my inspiration for todays photo, just remember in this horrible time of year, the month of love (or so Hallmark tell us) is just around the corner, for this month however, I love my good friend Coffee.


Thursday, 3 January 2013

Day 3

Its a short one today. Today has been one of those days, and it was always my intention to post a selfie sometime this week, so what better time to do it than when everything seems to conspire against you and everything just goes a little bit mental!
Today has been one of 'those' days. Some big changes happening that may even affect the running of this project. But as they say life goes on, so onwards an upwards.

This is pretty much the closest that I will get to a theme this year, as I foresee myself playing quite a prominent role in the images, I can't expect others to volunteer if I am not willing to make a bit of a tit of myself.

So here is today's pic which i guess is called 'one of those days'

Thanks again for looking in


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Day 2

So day 2 is upon us and already I am struggling for ideas. That said I was up early for work and have had a few ideas but most of them require more time and effort than I could really give today.
So who do I turn to for inspiration. My loving and ever understanding wife. For day 2 she has given more inspiration than she could know.

She said "Why don't you make a food face" and I let it stew for a while, thinking its a good one to fall back on, but then thought about my wife's eternal struggle with dieting (I decided a long time ago that if I eat shit, I'm going to be fat, and just dealt with it), she isn't fat but I know she wants to be slimmer and fitter, so I support her by reminding her just how big her arse actually is. And that is when inspiration hit me, or it could have been Christine, but I'm sure it was inspiration, it must have been, there is no bruising!

Each and every year millions upon millions of people decide on New Years Eve when they are smashed off their faces, or on New Years Day to make their life better, and throw out all the food that they queued in Asda for 3 hours and bought just 2 days earlier. "This year is my year" they cry, or they would if they could tear their faces out of the vomit bowl. 'I'm gonna really do it this time, I'm gonna be healthy and not eat any crap (not actual crap you understand, although I'm informed that muesli is similar to rats droppings) and finally lose these few pounds (stone) that have sneaked on throughout the years.

I'm not for 2 moments saying I am better than these people, at least they try, that said I started a diet today, and if it lasts more than a week I will be amazed. Actually I'm just thinking I stole a bit of the chocolate from this picture, ah balls, there is always tomorrow.

Anyway thats enough of that absolute insane waffling, without further a do here is today's offering, a still life composite.

To all those who have started diets, Good luck, and to my wife I am profusely sorry.


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

365 Day Project, Day 1

What on earth was I thinking? I have decided to undertake another 365 project. I have in fairness learnt from my last dabble with this phenomena. There will be no running theme throughout the years, there will be no storyline, hopefully just some awesome photography.
Although that said I may have started the standard too high and it may all be downhill from here.

So what better way to start a new project on the first day of the new year than with a sunrise. Its when you have these sort of ideas that you are glad you live close to the beach. So New Years eve for me was spent making sure my kit was ready, and setting my alarm for an early (ish) morning rise.

I made the mistake of checking on the sunrise time without localising it so got to the beach a lot earlier than I needed to, but I was so glad I had. My personal favourite images came from this 45 minutes waiting patiently for the sun to rise. It was a magical way to start the year, with Of Monsters and Men playing in one ear and the sound of the sea lapping at my feet in the other I almost forgot how cold it was. I was sharply reminded though when taking one group of fixtures I got totally lost in what I was doing and ended up ankle deep in the sea. And it was a little bit chilly.

Anyway enough rambling, its onto the images.

My personal favourite is this one.....

I also tried to take some that were a little more unusual in perspective.

But as this is the start of my journey I had to go with an actual image of the sun rising so without further ado here is the chosen image for Day 1 of 365.

I won't be blogging every picture (this is not supposed to be about me stressing out) but I will try and blog reasonably regularly. All images will be uploaded to

Not every image will be taken with my camera, once again in a bid to give me a bit of freedom, some images will be from my Phone, so I will end with an image taken on my phone today.

Thanks for looking, All the best for 2013, fingers crossed its a good one for you.