Saturday, 26 January 2013

Day 26 Northumerlandian snow fun!

Today is a special day, its the last Saturday that we are going to be able to spend together as a family without taking holidays. So we made a conscious decision to make the most of it. So we decided to head up the the wonderful Northumberlandia ( in Cramlington with Erin's sledge.

I've been meaning to head up for a while as there are miles of walks around the lovely lady but have never actually gotten around to it. We will definitely be visiting again!

After struggling for days to get a photo today I have enough to last a week, but that would be cheating, so instead I will share a few images that didn't make it. In my opinion, some are better pictures than the one I have chosen, but today is about Family and I went out to get a shot and thats the one I am sticking with.

So first the images that didn't make it.....

Northumberlandia in the snow

Snowboarder making the most of the weather....

Everybody JUMP!

Winter Wonderland

Walking into the park

So the idea for today's photo was to get an image of us as a family having a bit of fun..... so here goes!

So all in all a fun morning, this afternoon will be full of hot chocolate and hopefully some baking!

Have fun and make the most of the weather before it all turns to a slushy mess!


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