Tuesday, 1 January 2013

365 Day Project, Day 1

What on earth was I thinking? I have decided to undertake another 365 project. I have in fairness learnt from my last dabble with this phenomena. There will be no running theme throughout the years, there will be no storyline, hopefully just some awesome photography.
Although that said I may have started the standard too high and it may all be downhill from here.

So what better way to start a new project on the first day of the new year than with a sunrise. Its when you have these sort of ideas that you are glad you live close to the beach. So New Years eve for me was spent making sure my kit was ready, and setting my alarm for an early (ish) morning rise.

I made the mistake of checking on the sunrise time without localising it so got to the beach a lot earlier than I needed to, but I was so glad I had. My personal favourite images came from this 45 minutes waiting patiently for the sun to rise. It was a magical way to start the year, with Of Monsters and Men playing in one ear and the sound of the sea lapping at my feet in the other I almost forgot how cold it was. I was sharply reminded though when taking one group of fixtures I got totally lost in what I was doing and ended up ankle deep in the sea. And it was a little bit chilly.

Anyway enough rambling, its onto the images.

My personal favourite is this one.....

I also tried to take some that were a little more unusual in perspective.

But as this is the start of my journey I had to go with an actual image of the sun rising so without further ado here is the chosen image for Day 1 of 365.

I won't be blogging every picture (this is not supposed to be about me stressing out) but I will try and blog reasonably regularly. All images will be uploaded to

Not every image will be taken with my camera, once again in a bid to give me a bit of freedom, some images will be from my Phone, so I will end with an image taken on my phone today.

Thanks for looking, All the best for 2013, fingers crossed its a good one for you.


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