Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Day 9 - Music and I

Its strange that something that is a massive part of everyone's life is something that is so overlooked.
I love music, all movies have soundtracks to help tell story's and by the same token so do our lives. If you think back to your childhood you will no doubt remember the first record / tape / cd / mp3 that you bought, and most likely you will be very ashamed of it.
For me it was Paula Abdul's Opposite Attract, and I am not one bit ashamed (well maybe of MC Scat Kat).
My first gig was with my now wife when she took me to see Del Amitri at City Hall, and my one regret is that I don't get to see more live music. The artist I have seen perform the most is Counting Crows who in my opinion always put on a very intimate show, no matter what size the venue. My tastes can be a little eclectic, my phone contains music varying from Vanessa Mae to Dr Dre and from R.E.M to N.E.R.D and including Professor Green through to Pink. (see what i did there, i'm proper clever me like)

So again I will probably look to music to inspire me throughout the following 11 and a half months. I suppose in one way I already have with day 3 which was inspired by the R.E.M song Bad Day.

Anyway thats enough of the words now. on to the image.

Thanks again to the wife for helping out. Thanks again for all the support from all of the people who have given me such kind words.


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