Monday, 14 January 2013

Day 14 - Oooh its snowing.....

... and I know that because both facebook and twitter told me, if it isn't people posting that its snowing its people posting sarcastic comments about people posting that its snowing. Not that I'm immune to it myself.

I love snow me. That said driving in the snow yesterday on the M74 made me feel like I was in the Millennium Falcon going to light speed, and the lorries overtaking me on the un-gritted surface was a little unnerving, but I survived to tell the tale.

This evening on the way home was a totally different story. Roads had been gritted (well just about) and they were very very quiet. So I could enjoy the driving on the empty roads without worrying about idiots doing 7 mph and braking constantly. We should really get people to learn how to drive in the snow properly.

Anyway back to the fact that I love snow, proper snow though, not a little spattering here and there, proper snow that makes the world look clean and crunches under your feet.
However, even a small amount of snow can make a normally boring looking scene look a lot nicer.

This was my view on the way home this evening,

This picture was a bit of a challenge as I have just started my new shifts at work, so I'm now working 12 hour days, and I didn't have my tripod with me. Tiredness, darkness and cold aren't a good mix for trying to take a picture, the first few were pretty shaky!

Enjoy the snow, and don't drive like a knob head


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