Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Day 22 - More Winter

Well winter seems to still be going on. Another morning getting frozen for your pleasure, I really hope you appreciate it!

Today's lesson is to try and remain calm when you are feeling rushed. After getting up this morning I offered my lovely wife a lift to work. She left the house to take the child to school and she normally gets back to the house at 09:03 (very precise I know). But at 08:55 she walked past the house and I panicked quickly grabbing my kit and getting my stuff together (phone wallet the usual jazz) and headed out the door.

Off I went to Cullercoats to get todays picture. Clambering across rocks and the like to try and get the best picture I could, was certainly an interesting little adventure. Then time to get a little bit of shopping in so headed off to Morrisons (other supermarkets are available and are just as good if not better) to get the child some fruit. Got out the car went to the cashpoint.... but no wallet! Aaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhh.

Cue a mad dash back down to the coach to clamber across said rocks again to try and hunt down the lost wallet. No luck, turns out in my rush to leave the house I had not actually picked it up, even though I had it in my mind that I had. I read something a while ago that if you are looking for something the best thing you can do is think about something else, because your brain will trick you into not seeing it. Stupid brain, but it does seem to hold true in my experience.

Anyway I'm off to get warm again and watch some TV.

Stay warm and try to have fun people!

I know its actually 2 pictures but I am using a bit of software that I've had on my computer for ages called Diptic that is useful for putting images into simple frames. Its really quite good!


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