Sunday, 27 January 2013

Day 27 - Soppy Git

Boy am I glad I went out when I did yesterday. Woke up this morning and realised all the snow had been washed away! Just like that.

It occurred to me yesterday afternoon that despite appearing in 2 images so far I hadn't introduced my wife. So thats what I am going to do today. Apologies in advance if this is a load of sentimental old tosh but it was going to happen at some point right?

What can I say about Christine Lynch then? I joke quite a lot about what a pain in the ass she is, well when I say joke, I actually mean, thinly veil the truth about how much she annoys me. But I wouldn't have it any other way, ever!

Most days I wonder how I managed to bag such a prize, I am totally aware that I am punching well above my weight (impressive considering what I actually weigh) and just hope that Christine doesn't ever realise this!
Christine is like any other woman in that she loves shoes, she is however totally unlike any other woman I have ever met in the fact that she finds shoes hilarious. Her 2 favourite comedy moments are Austin Powers (Who throws a shoe? I mean really that really hurt) and an Episode of Eastbound and Down (The lead character goes to get something out the fridge and there is a trainer in the fridge, he doesn't do anything with it, its just the fact there is a shoe in the fridge). I can pretty much guarantee reading this she will dissolve into a fit of giggles just thinking about it. I may have to at some point do a picture of a shoe in a really random place just for her!

What else can I tell you? She is amazing, and she puts up with all my shit. That in itself makes her a very special lady (no not thpecial, Christine, I know how your mind works). She is so easy to get along with that sometimes people do forget that she is human too and can get hurt by peoples actions and what they say, something if I am honest I myself forget.

So today I took a portrait of this wonderful woman, and as usual if you ask me she looks stunning. Taking pictures is easy when you have such a totally amazing subject to shoot.

And here it is.....

However thats enough of being nice, Woman stop reading and get back in the kitchen, my sunday roast isn't going to make itself is it! ;)

Have a good one people


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