Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Day 2

So day 2 is upon us and already I am struggling for ideas. That said I was up early for work and have had a few ideas but most of them require more time and effort than I could really give today.
So who do I turn to for inspiration. My loving and ever understanding wife. For day 2 she has given more inspiration than she could know.

She said "Why don't you make a food face" and I let it stew for a while, thinking its a good one to fall back on, but then thought about my wife's eternal struggle with dieting (I decided a long time ago that if I eat shit, I'm going to be fat, and just dealt with it), she isn't fat but I know she wants to be slimmer and fitter, so I support her by reminding her just how big her arse actually is. And that is when inspiration hit me, or it could have been Christine, but I'm sure it was inspiration, it must have been, there is no bruising!

Each and every year millions upon millions of people decide on New Years Eve when they are smashed off their faces, or on New Years Day to make their life better, and throw out all the food that they queued in Asda for 3 hours and bought just 2 days earlier. "This year is my year" they cry, or they would if they could tear their faces out of the vomit bowl. 'I'm gonna really do it this time, I'm gonna be healthy and not eat any crap (not actual crap you understand, although I'm informed that muesli is similar to rats droppings) and finally lose these few pounds (stone) that have sneaked on throughout the years.

I'm not for 2 moments saying I am better than these people, at least they try, that said I started a diet today, and if it lasts more than a week I will be amazed. Actually I'm just thinking I stole a bit of the chocolate from this picture, ah balls, there is always tomorrow.

Anyway thats enough of that absolute insane waffling, without further a do here is today's offering, a still life composite.

To all those who have started diets, Good luck, and to my wife I am profusely sorry.


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