Saturday, 12 January 2013

Day 12 - Fitba'

Do I have a treat for you today! More than one photo again, the official picture will come at the end (This Blog is like the royal family it has official and unofficial photo's)

Some people will be more keen on todays pictures than other, there are some people that think (they are wrong) that there are 2 teams in Glasgow. There is only one and they play in blue (and they played in hoops before the other lot too). If you haven't guessed by now I'm a blue nose, or a bear, or just a Rangers fan if you prefer.

I'm going to try and avoid the politics of football in the blog, but today I headed to Ibrox to watch the mighty 'Gers play Berwick Rangers in the Scottish Third Division. To give this some context, the likes of Berwick normally warm up to the season playing English Conference and below sides. Having seen a couple of games on the old google box I headed to the ground (with my brother, for whom attending the match was a birthday treat) not expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised with an entertaining game between a side that is obviously set up to gain promotion 2 seasons in a row without the addition of any players, and a team that were out to prove they could mix it with the big boys.

Lorraine Clark - The First female Linesperson to appear at Ibrox
It was a historic day at Ibrox that saw Berwick score their first ever goal at the ground, but also saw a female linesperson for the very first time at Ibrox. Lorraine Clark did very well, the biggest compliment I can pay her is that she didn't give the crowd any ammunition to berate her, despite the wolf whistles in her warm up.

Rangers (not the ones from Berwick) ran out worthy winners 4-2 but were made to work for the win, and suffered some nervous moments in the second half after Berwick had pegged back a comfortable 3-0 lead to 3-2.

So a good day all round for the birthday boy and I. Happy Birthday (a little bit early) to my Brother, Simon.

A couple of photo's I took that I liked and felt the need to share anyway........

Broxi Bear gets the crowd warmed up before the game!

A very moody looking Ibrox

And the picture of the day (I must thank Rangers FC for allowing me to take my camera into the ground today) shows Andy Little celebrating his first goal (he went on to score a hat-trick) with Dean Shiels in front of the Govan Stand.

Have a great day people.


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