Monday, 7 January 2013

Day 7 Back to School

As I entered the school playground this morning, once again there were two very distinct groups of parents. You had the parents who have had to work throughout the Christmas Holidays and were very relieved that the kids were finally back at school. Then you had the parents who had been off all of the Christmas holidays that looked crestfallen that they were once again having to trust these people that they don't really know with their little cherubs.
I'm very much in the first group and as such I really struggle to understand the second group. Not the missing your kids bit, I miss my daughter every single day that I don't spend with her, and if I could afford too I would love nothing more than spending every single day all day with her, as long as there were no financial pressures and no other time consuming pressures. Fact is that every moment is so precious that I end up wasting half of it worrying about rubbish that really is inconsequential. Anyway I have gotten so far off the subject I'm now not even sure where I was going, oh yeah, the tears and tantrums as the kids go back into school.
Its no secret that I have struggled with some of the teaching methods and attitudes of the teachers towards my daughter, but at the same time I know it is the best place for her, and I know to provide for her that I must go to work. And in all honesty, the holidays tend to be quite stressful.

So this morning this charade was once again played out, and once again I felt like a weight had been lifted. That said the traffic was horrendous. Todays picture introduces my daughter to this blog, once again she is likely to feature heavily.

Without further ado, I introduce Erin.

I hope those that can enjoy the peace and quiet that the kids going back has created, and those that like me feel the relief of them going back enjoy the removal of stress that is "the holidays"


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