Thursday, 31 January 2013

Day 31 - Deadline Day

It's a day of nervousness for football fans everywhere today. Will your team bring reinforcements in, or will your top player move on to pastures new? Since the introduction of the transfer window there has been one constant, Sky Sports David Craig at Newcastle United, so this morning I headed off to Newcastle's training ground to try and catch Mr Craig in action, and who knows even be able to bring you a top scoop.
Unfortunately he was across at Sunderland, and unless Newcastle are planning on signing one of the 3 very unfit looking fellas or the dog that were hanging around outside the training ground then I can't bring you a scoop.
So alas a quick rethink later and I had a new picture.
I'm not going to waffle too much as Sky Sports News is on, with Danny Graham about to arrive at Sunderlands training ground (despite being a staunch Newcastle fan, just shows that money talks).
Fingers crossed for a couple of big last minute deals for your club, as long as its not stealing players from any of the clubs I support.

I do kind of wish I had one of those really old black and white leather footballs, and some old style football boots, but you make do with what you have.

Have a good day


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