Sunday, 20 January 2013

Day 20 - Just one of those days.

After 9 years without working a single Sunday, today I returned to the fold. And whilst work itself wasn't too bad, it was a fairly productive day, away from work it was a bit of a stressful day.

I was once again left to ask myself do people deliberately set out to try and piss me off? If the answer is yes then I must applaud them for their dedication and effort. It amazes me that people would be so inconsiderate. But apparently they are.

For those who read yesterday, I had a nice reply from NHL support this morning, totally useless but nice anyway! So I was still locked out. I tried 3 times this morning deleting and adding the app and all sorts of other nonsense, including setting up new accounts to pair my account with. So I had all but given up hope of watching the San Jose Sharks season opener tonight. But on the off chance I thought I'll give it another try. My old account is still dead, but I have managed to finally set up a new account and I am right now watching some as live NHL.

So back to the point, some days the photo will write the blog and other days the blog will take the picture. Today is a blog day.

My diet has gone to shit this week, with changing shifts and then spending 2 days away from home with little down time I have eaten a load of rubbish, and to be honest that and everything else has left me feeling a bit flat. So whats the solution. CAKE!

So I'm off to enjoy these little bits of cake and watch some NHL

Have a good evening, see you all again tomorrow.


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