Monday, 21 January 2013

Day 21 Stormy Waters

I am totally aware that this blog is beginning to become a little bit of me just moaning about stuff. So apologies if thats the case. I will try to get it a bit more on track over the next few days.
The weather continues to dominate and once again Blyth seems to have its own little micro-climate. My twitter feed is full of people struggling to get out their streets due to the deep snow, my view out my window is a bit more miserable summer than crisp winter.
Don't get me wrong its still freezing out there as I found out when I went to get todays picture.

I was talking to someone the other day about how I live 5 minutes from the beach and yet I very rarely go there. Something else I promised myself I would do more. I have to be honest I drove down, mainly because I was on my way somewhere else, and parked the car and headed along towards the pier to get todays image. The sea was magnificent. Angry and crashing at the shore.

I had hoped to catch an image of the sea crashing right up against the lighthouse but unfortunately the sea level wasn't quite high enough, and I wasn't going to hang around for a long period of time with the snow / sleet slashing into my face (and into my equipment).

So the result of todays image is the below.

I hope that it shows the power of the sea as it was today. I may have to follow this up with a more general shot of the sea if it is still at its angry best tomorrow.

For those lucky enough to have snow, stay safe, for those who don't just lie to your boss and say you have and enjoy staying warm in the house!


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