Saturday, 19 January 2013

Day 19 - Still Locked Out!

Hockey is back, or so the NHL are saying, unfortunately their ability to get the season underway on time is matched by their customer service.

5 Days ago I purchased NHL Game Center through the iPad App as I had enough money left on my iTunes account from Christmas. Nice little treat for myself. Get to watch some hockey on my days off and enjoy the greatest players in the world playing the fastest team game in the world. But then when I tried to log in on my computer it says I need to buy a subscription.

So I fire an email off to the NHL and wait 48 hours for a response asking me to try switching my iPad off and back on again and try signing out of the app and back into it. Stellar advice. If I hadn't already told them that I had tried all of that in my original mail to them.

Anyway they ask for one piece of information so I fire it back to them and then wait another 24 hours for a response, but nothing. Unfortunately (for me) the NHL faced off this evening, and I was left without any NHL. I'd had a long day at work and thought I'd chase them up with a phone call. Surely their international call centre would have some sort of priority call queue for people calling an international telephone number. Hell no, twice I waited on hold for 10 minutes and then got cut off. I had given up, and was settling in to watch some recorded TV, not what I wanted but ready to settle. Thought sod it I'll give it one more try, so I rang back. And low and behold I got through to an actual human (after waiting for another 10 minutes).

The conversation went something a little like this.

Paul : Yeah I'm having an issue, I've purchased a season pass via the iPad app and I can't watch on the iPad which I know is a nationwide issue, and also I can't get Gamecenter live on any other platform. It is asking me to sign up for a season pass.

NHL Support: Have you tried signing out and back in.

Paul: Yes, I sent an email a few days ago would you like the reference number

NHL Support: No thats ok. Can I take your email address  (can't find my account), Can I take your postal address (can't find my account), Can I take your username (Success!)
Ok so in the top right hand corner does it say Hi then your name or user name

Paul: Yes.

NHL Support: Can you click on the bit where it says watch live now just to the right of your name

Paul: No, because its not there, Its asking me to subscribe.

NHL Support : Ok give me a minute..... Would you mind if I tried to log in to your account

Paul: Not at all, (gives password)

NHL Support: Strange its there on mine, just next to where it says Hi Jeffry.

Paul: I'm not Jeffry.... I'm Paul

NHL Support: Oh yeah that is my last customer. Give me 2 minutes

Paul: I have to admit, I'm a little but annoyed. I've probably spent more on calls than I did on the pass.

NHL Support: Yeah I can imagine.

At this point I was put back on hold while he tried to resolve the situation.

NHL Support: Sorry for your wait, (SIGH) I don't think there is anything else I can do for you, you'll have to wait on a reply to your email, they have more information than us.

Paul: Any idea how long that will be

NHL Support: Sorry I don't. I could give you a full refund.

Paul: Yeah if you do that I can try buying it again and hopefully that will fix it.

NHL Support: Ok give me 2 moments. Oh you said you purchased it through iTunes didn't you. We can't refund iTunes you'll need to contact them.

Paul: Is there anyway you can give me a promotional code to allow me to log in to watch todays games?

NHL Support: Give me 2 moments and I will see what I can sort out.

2 minutes later

Sorry I don't have any codes that I can give out. Would you like the number for iTunes.

Paul: I'll take it but I'm guessing its also a US number.

NHL Support: Yes it is. .......

Paul: Ok, thanks for your help anyway I'll await a reply from your support email team.

NHL Support: Thanks for your call, Sorry I couldn't actually help you.

That wasn't the full conversation, he admitted there were massive issues with xbox and ipad apps and generally huffed and puffed his way through the call.
Excellent customer service from one of the worlds leading sporting brands.

Anyway I will let you all know how it goes and if I get any success anytime soon.

Hope those that have been able to watch the NHL have enjoyed it.

And for those that come for the picture, its not a great one but it depicts my problem.

A very disgruntled NHL fan


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