Sunday, 30 June 2013

Day 181 Tiny People

Quite a few of you will have already seen today's image. It was just a quick snapshot take with my phone using Instagram, that has really grown on me.

I love the way tilt shift makes people look like ants on a model, scurrying around seemingly in utter chaos.

So that's the weekend done, back to the joys of work tomorrow.


Saturday, 29 June 2013

Day 180 Mr and Mrs Adams

Another wedding day today, and this wedding was a very unique occasion with the Joe and Joanne putting their own stamp all over the day.  The weather held out and the setting was sublime. A lot of hard work and effort had obviously gone into their day (not that it hasn't gone into other weddings I've been too) with so many hand made touches.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Adams, I wish you the very best in your future together.


Friday, 28 June 2013

Day 179 Wimbledone!

It has to be done I suppose, its a great british tradition, and it also doubles up for a competition I wanted to enter, unfortunately not a photography competition, but rather one at work for something completely different.

This is what Wimbledon generally means to a lot of us Brits....

Camera is now packed away ready for a wedding tomorrow.

Have a good weekend folks.


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Day 177 An Early Happy Birthday

Yesterday I got my first birthday present this year, and what an amazing present it is. My wife has known for a while that I have wanted a new putter and have long since lusted after the Ferrari of putters, an Odyssey. She set me off with one instruction, to come back happy.

So I went and tested a load of them out (who knew the world of putters was such a minefield) and after a long and protracted trial (including trying several different brands) I settled on an Odyssey Versa (and here's the kicker) Number 7 putter.

Odyssey have long given their putters simplistic numeric names, and I have to be honest and say I didn't know that I was buying a 7 when I left the shop, it was only after cleaning it before putting it away after a successful putt yesterday that I noticed. Obviously meant to be.

The image is 2 fold though as the ball is a souvenir from my walk around the Ailsa course when I first went to Turnberry and yesterday I also booked my fathers fathers day and birthday presents that will see us both play the Kintyre course in July. I can't wait!!!

I think the front garden could do with some work before it becomes a decent practice green though!


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Day 176 Ugly Ducklings

Another round of golf today and still the Dawson Course continues to get the better of me. However the signets were looking more fluffy than ever! 

Soon they will be joining their parents in flying around the course scaring the shot out of all the golfers!


Monday, 24 June 2013

Day 175 Killing time.

Monday night is Brownies night, not for me but for Erin. Which leaves me with an hour and a quarter to kill. So what better way to do it than going for a walk along the beach and through the harbour.

Blyth's harbour is a lot quieter than I remember it as a child, no where near the number of active fishing vessels, and all the places we used to go crawling as kids are now locked behind fences for 'health and safety' reasons. Or in other words, we don't want to get sued reasons.

Anyway, there are still a good few boats about so that is the subject of todays image.

Until tomorrow....


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Day 174 Summer inside

Te weather outside may not have a clue what it's doing but tonight ladies and gentlemen, is very definitely summer in the lynch household.

Love a little taste of summer!


Saturday, 22 June 2013

Day 173 Beesy does it

Back at work and as promised its not a very inspiring day

However we are seeing more and more of these fellas on our lunchtime walks


Friday, 21 June 2013

Day 172 Jack and Pepper

Never work with Children or Animals, thats a saying of sorts I believe. Animals and kids are easy, give me either over a large group of adults any day.

Kids can be co-erced with sweets and empty promises / threats, and animals just take a bit of time!

Today I popped over to my best man's house and got to meet his and Lauren's gorgeous little French Bulldog puppy, Pepper. Its pretty damn cute considering its French! Its always interesting to see the dynamic between a cat and dog, and Handsome Jack seems to be coping just fine with the boisterous little puppy running around and mugging him. Jack is a lot more placid than I remembered and reminds me a lot of Megan, Christine's first cat who died far too young.

Anywho, its about time for a cute puppy photo.....

Go on then for those that prefer cats....

Back at work tomorrow so expect something a bit less interesting!


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Day 171 Happy Birthday Erin

I discovered this morning that I've double posted a day number, so that will be fun to sort out.

Today however has been all about one person, pretty much the same as any other day really. Today is my daughters birthday and she is 7, going on 17. We had fun opening presents this morning and this evening we went to Cafe Sambuca for tea thanks to Nana and her 'boyfriend' David. Erin got to stand on a chair and had happy birthday sang to her by the whole restaurant.
Then she came home phoned, grandma, grandpa, uncle Simon and great aunt Doreen before having some cake.

She seems to have had a good day, which means I must have done something right. So what else could today's pictures be really?

Have a good one folks!


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Day 169 Taken for a ride

Nearly halfway through the year and I've finally managed to get the bike out of the garage and go for a ride. I didn't break any speed records, but I certainly sweated a lot and I got the photo I went out for (Yellow Carpet), along with a few others including one of the most surreal things I've ever seen (white horse).

It was reasonable fun, I did however have to at one point deal with a bee flying up the leg of my shorts.

Today has been a bit of a strange day for me personally, with some very strange things going on in my head, demons that need to be slain if you will. I guess the thing I've learnt is that its harder to let go of stuff than you think, the ride helped me clear some of it out of my head, the rest, well it'll have to go another day!

Tomorrow is another day.


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Day 168 Something different

I've been thinking for a while now that I haven't done a picture of a slightly smug looking lego Frodo, riding a quad bike, with Catwoman on 1 side drinking champagne, and Emperor Palpatine on the other eating a bratwurst.

So thats what I did.

Move along, nothing to see


Monday, 17 June 2013

Day 167 If you can't beat em....

..... Then buy a bigger club and try more of a bludgeoning technique.

In other news, inspired by Darren Storey, 'I'd like to teach the world to sing' but I can't as I only have one friend and that's me!

I'd love to say its been a log struggle to find a coke bottle with my name on it, but it hasn't. I went into tesco and found one in about 30 seconds! 

So suck it losers! ;)


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Day 166 Happy Birthdayish to Erin

Well its not her Birthday yet, but her party marked the end of a crazy busy week, now I just need to get some editing done.
For her birthday as previously revealed Erin had a Birds of Prey experience with her friends. Whereby Erin and 9 of her friends got to hold 3 owls and 2 harris hawks and then got to have Mort the male harris hawk fly to their hands (not before they had Mort fly very close to their heads...). The kids seemed to have a great time, and they learned something about the birds into the bargain.

We had the lovely Rebecca and Elaine from Wings over Washington ( come and visit us with the birds, they were both great with the kids and obviously very knowledgeable about the birds. Give them a look when you get a chance.

So I know its kind of a repeat and people on my facebook may have already seen it, but here is todays picture of the day.

Have a great week folks.


Saturday, 15 June 2013

Day 165 Fulton the Tyne

The manic week is nearly finished. Today was the final wedding of the week, and was a last minute squished in job for a family member of a friend. Mark and Amy got married 4 weeks ago but were having a party for family and friends who couldn't make it and since they were getting dressed up again they wanted some pictures taken on the Tyne and with their family. So I happily obliged.

The Tyne bridge really does make a stunning backdrop for wedding pictures, and the rain stayed away and the sun came out!!

Congratulations and all the best for a long and happy future together.


Day 164 Walking in a lunchtime wonderland

Lunchtime walks are progressing well and now my walking buddy has found runkeeper he is pushing us to walk a little brisker each day. So as you can imagine today he wasn't best impressed when I stopped to take a picture today.
But here it is...

If you look carefully there is a baby goose just to the left of the island.
We see all sorts of interesting wildlife (or not so interesting dependant on your view) on our little jaunts, which makes the whole experience a little more bearable

Have a great weekend folks, I'm so glad this week is nearly over! 


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Day 163 - Mr and Mrs Gibson

Or should I say Wild....

Second Wedding of the week in what is turning out to be a very challenging week for my sanity. Can't complain at being busy though.
Today's wedding saw the very bright Paul and Sara tie the knot at the Royal Station Hotel, which is a very nice place to hold a wedding. It's the first totally indoor wedding I have shot for a while but it was still a fun day. I've known Paul for a little while now which always helps when getting bride and groom to pose.

So raise your glasses to the new Mr and Mrs Gibson (Wild)

All the best for the future


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Day 162 The end?

Is this the end of this project? If not hopefully this is its lowest point of desperation!

Sorry, I really am! 


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Day 161 DIY

I need a passport photo for my golf membership. so I figured, why not do it myself, I'm a photographer right?
So that's exactly what I did, now I just need someone to print it out for me!!!

Which image do you think I should use though???

Let me know!


Monday, 10 June 2013

Day 160 Starling Wars

The tiredness continues, and with it comes concentration issues. Take today for example, I have been constantly distracted by warring Starling's outside my window.
They are pretty vicious with each other to try and get access to the fat ball and mealworms. The more vicious among the group tend to be the fledglings, who seem to cry for their parents attentions, then attack them.

My image is 2 adults caught kind of mid fight...

Ah well I'm off to TV catchup and then get an early night to try and catchup on some sleep.


Sunday, 9 June 2013

Day 159 Because I Deserve it

Boy am I tired. I've had to resort to extreme measures today to survive, well I say extreme, what I actually mean is fat.

Actually I'd better go before it ends up out of date! 


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Day 158 Mr and Mrs Perryman

This is the start of what is quite possibly my busiest week of the year, and what a great day to start it off.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. Cats and Dogs, Toads and Newts (I think you get the idea)

I give you Mr and Mrs Perryman, Congratulations to you both.

Have a fab honeymoon


Friday, 7 June 2013

Day 157 Glamming Up

So tomorrow is another wedding day, and its another Dekstar Birthday which means Mrs Lynch gets to let her hair down and join me later on in the day.
That in turn means my house stinks.......

Who knows what combination she will choose, I just quite liked the way the bottles looked all sitting on the window sill, that was before the smell!

Have a good weekend folks.


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Day 156 Clubbing Away

Today was the day that I joined a golf club and started my quest to gain a golfing handicap. 
Yes I know some of my followers are fans of golf, but suck it, it's my blog and I love playing golf!
Today was another good golfing day and I have joined Longhirst Hall Golf Club, just outside Morpeth. It has 36 holes which in the summer is configured into 2 very different courses, The lakes, which I played today and The Dawson, which I am playing tomorrow. In the winter the course is shortened to 18 holes known as the Old course. This is one of the many reasons I chose longhirst, it's a great place and very friendly. The course is constantly evolving and hopefully I will be a member for a long time. 

The highlight of today for me was my 2 birdies on 2 of the par 5's. The second of which saw me hit my shot of the day, a 125 yard 9 iron to about 4 feet and then sank the putt for the birdie!

I'm off to play again tomorrow but will try to do a non golf style photo tomorrow.


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Day 155 Dog Rescue

If you hadn't guessed I'm really struggling with the days when I'm at work to keep up with the project and the blog. But Thanks to the Dog I've managed to sort a picture out at the last minute again.

She really is starting to look old, and I know the feeling!

If you don't like golf I would avoid tomorrows update.



Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Day 154 Heeeeeere's Johnny

So this isn't the greatest picture I will post this year but it'll still be one of my favourites by the end of the year.

The Johnny Tulip fanclub has well and truly kicked off and its on its way to becoming a global phenomenon, thanks in no small part to World Ball Hockey Championships commentator Kris Abbot (@KrisAbbot on twitter). One simple comment in GB's first game against the Cayman Islands has been enough to catapult the young starlet to fame.
Kris is doing an amazing job of commentating on the games, and I have to admit to being a little gutted that some of the mens games won't be covered by Kris.
Some of the great unintentional (or possibly intentional) one liners he has thrilled the British fans with include, 'Tulip chases his own dump', 'Fanny De Forges is big in the UK', 'Wouldn't run that fast for anything, unless it was a cheeseburger'. I think the important thing is he is enjoying his job, and is enriching the whole experience.

Anyway, enough about Kris, this is supposed to be about Johnny. This is me and the wife getting ready to watch the official opening ceremony.

You can download your own Johnny Tulip mask at (it is quite a large file though) and wear it with pride wherever you go.

To tune it to more of the games head on over to
If you want to become a fan of Johnny Tulip check out @jtulipfanclub on twitter or

Well done to all those representing GB this week, we support you all and are very proud of everything you are achieving.


Monday, 3 June 2013

Day 153 Red Sky at Night -GB Delight

Woot Team GB picked up their first win of the tournament tonight somewhere over in the general direction of where the sun is setting in this gorgeous sky.

Team GB defeated Armenia in a physical game by a dominating score line of 6-1. 

Keep up the excellent work guys and a big thanks to the wife and Michael Dunn for keeping me up to date


Sunday, 2 June 2013

Day 152 Bedtime Stories

I'm not going to lie, I'm not a massive fan of reading Bedtime Stories, usually I end up more tired than Erin, yawning my way through a story. Thats no reflection on Erin's choice of books, which were in fact the staple of my own childhood. Roald Dahl really is timeless, and it is great to see her getting the same enjoyment out of his very rich tales as I did as a young boy.

So this evening when it was my turn, I decided to take a slightly different approach, and time only will tell if it helps her to get asleep, or if all I have done is whipped her into an imagination frenzy.

Tonight we were reading Dirty Beasts, a collection of rhymes from the great man, and I grabbed Erin's Crocodile puppet and my best gruff cockney accent set about reading a set of rhymes in the style of a grumpy crocodile, only becoming animated when reading my own tale of the Croccy Woccy Crocodile. The other tales we read tonight were The Stupid Pig, The Stupid Lion and The Stupid Scorpion (when I'm grumpy everything is Stupid!). It seemed to go down well, and I enjoyed it more, so I can only assume the grumpy crocodile may become a regular in the rotation of bedtime stories.

So its goodnight from her ....

And its goodnight from me.


Saturday, 1 June 2013

Day 151 Filling up the sea.

Had a nice little walk along the beach this morning with the dog, and we happened across a pipe which I can only assume is used to top up the North Sea if its getting a little shallow.

Image was taken and edited on my iPhone

Have a fab weekend, as for me, I'd rather be playing golf!