Monday, 28 January 2013

Day 28 - Mondays aren't that bad

They really aren't. So yes the weekend is over, and even after such a great weekend it is all to easy to allow Monday to come along and ruin that feel good factor you have built up over the last few days.

Don't get me wrong I would love to not to go to work and earn a living, but until that lottery win comes along thats just what I'm going to have to do.

That said I am writing this blog now so that Monday hasn't beaten me down, a blog posted at half ten tonight may have had a totally different feel to it. But for now Monday isn't so bad.

When Christine is running a little behind schedule I give her a lift into work, and when I do that I always take Erin down to the quayside in Blyth, and then along to the beach. Going to the quayside to see if there are any boats in takes me back to being a child when on a Saturday morning after going to do the stupidly boring shop in Presto's (yes I am that old) my dad would always swing by the harbour to see if there were any big boats in, and I liked that, and Erin seems to also. So for now its a keeper.

Then from there we headed along to the beach and for all it could do with a good clean up, the whole thing looked kind of awesome.

So here is today's image.

Dont let your Monday be Mundane, if its getting you down then stick your tongue out at it and have a little bit of fun!


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