Sunday, 6 January 2013

Day 6 - Fabiatastic

I've been looking forward to today for most of this week, not because I'm off work, or because I get to spend quality time with my family, but because I knew what the I was doing for this project.

This image was actually born about 4 months ago when a good friend of mine got a new car. He kept taking pictures of it and I said, if you ever want some pics taken just give me a shout. Then promptly forgot all about it.
Then last week he posted a photo to instagram of his car in this amazing location, and that was it I started pestering him and today we went and shot this, and another couple too.
We had planned to do a shoot of both our cars together (the multiple stages of Skoda Fabia's) but I haven't had a chance (couldn't be arsed) to clean mine, and you can only do so much with photoshop.
So after Dek I told him to lead the way as I wasn't 100% sure where we were going, all I can say he isn't a great person to follow and takes the weirdest routes ever!
This place is a great location and will no doubt now feature heavily over the next 12 months in my photography. Some great art on the walls and some amazing victorian factories being used for other means. I want a studio in this place, its brilliant!

Thanks for the feedback so far people, its what makes this project worth while, without the positive vibes from you lovely people, I wouldn't be doing this.

Thanks Mr Knott, hope you like the result, now to start thinking about tomorrows image!


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  1. Where did you take this Paul. Intrigued...

  2. It is Hoults Yard, just along from Hotel Du Vin on the quayside in Newcastle. Some amazing buildings so I will definitely be revisiting this area in the next 11 months.