Friday, 25 January 2013

Day 25 Beware Zombies!

Did you hear the sigh of relief this morning? You know the one where half of the country checked their bank accounts to find money in them for the first time since the 2nd of January, after getting paid a week early in December!

Payday means only one thing for me, spending money, bills, petrol, repairs and shopping. I don't hate shopping, I hate other people shopping, which is why I enjoy my late finishes. Asda is always pretty empty by then. It sometimes has quite a surreal feel to it if you get in before they start replenishing the shelves, kind of like the start of a zombie apocalypse. One day I'm going to get dressed up as a zombie and walk round the store aimlessly, unlike now where I do have a tendency to put on my music and sing loudly! (I haven't actually done this for a while to be honest)

So today's image is how asda looks to me when I go shopping and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Other supermarkets are available!



  1. Blissful. Not like my shopping experience at all. Where's the screaming toddler in the trolley?! Enjoying reading your blog and well done on keeping up with the posting, mine was last updated in July last year!

  2. Its not easy and I've been very close to stopping several times. Its knowing that people are enjoying it that is keeping me going! Thanks for the comments!