Thursday, 17 January 2013

Day 17 - Ball Hockey UK Day 1

Today I travelled to Sheffield in Yorkshire for Day 1 of Ball Hockey UK's pre World Championships warm ups.
For those that don't know Ball Hockey is a little bit like Ice Hockey but its played with a ball, in a sports hall with just trainers on your feet. (You don't need to make pretend skatey noises when you run either)

Todays action saw last years UK National Champions the London Crusaders take on Team GB and then later in the day HBC Plzen from the Czech Republic. This is a first for Ball Hockey in the UK as they prepare for the summers World Championships in Newfoundland, Canada. The growth of the sport has seen the National Team's preperation really step up a gear this year. The sport is massive in North America and in Eastern Europe. Again Team GB will take a ladies and a mens team to the World Championships, and this is totally self funded for the players. So if you are interested in sponsoring or helping out in any way that you can then please get in touch with who will tell you more.

So today's photo is from the first game, which was a tight cagey affair which Team GB won 1-0 with a goal from youngster Tom Cole. London nearly snatched a equaliser late on but 3 time GB international Ali Cree scooped a shot off the line after Netminder Richie Bennett was beaten by a bouncing shot. A good start for the GB team who rarely looked in trouble and controlled the game more as the game wore on.

Tom Cole rounds the London netminder but he wouldn't score this time.

In the second game of the day a weary London team took on a very talented Plzen team who passed their way through the London defence time and time again to take a one sided 15-0 victory.

Its been a very long and frenetic day but I'm sure I'll get to tell you more about that tomorrow, right now I'm off to Ice Sheffield to the Steeldogs training session so the day isn't over yet!


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  1. Glad to see my shirt being put to use lol. Well done GB