Friday, 11 January 2013

Day 11 Greetings from Bonnie Scotland

This weekend see's the family head north to visit my parents in Ayr.

For those that don't know I'm Scottish, I may not have the accent but I am very much a Jock, I even drink too much and swear far too often. So every time I drive over the border into Scotland I shout woo  hoo and every time I head over the border the other way I shout boo. It amuses the child immensely, by that I mean Erin, honestly!

Each time we generally stop at the very pretty Annandale Water services, and usually I pop on one of the Jimmy hats complete with ginger hair. The last couple of times I have done this my daughter has been devastated. So today I asked her to don the hat, and eventually after much persuading (with sweets and promises of cuddles) she agreed.

So here we have, Greetings from Bonnie Scotland

Have a great weekend.


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