Friday, 15 March 2013

Day 74 Pie Saturday

Tomorrow is the team's second pie Saturday, at some point I am sure I will be a little more adventurous, but for now I am going to stick to what I know and make a recipe inspired by my mother.
New Years day was always a day I looked forward to, as it meant home made steak and puff pastry pie day. Doesn't sound too great but the not so secret, secret ingredient was the beef links sausages. The steak where possible was always blade steak, something I haven't been able to replicate.
The reason it was so good was the fact that the steak just crumbled apart and the spice of the sausages added just the perfect amount of bite.
So I've been making it for my own little family for a while now, and recently changed it around a little, it was always a pie plate but when the guys and gals at work decided to have a pie day, rather than all cutting a slice of pie I thought why not make individual pies. And its a pain in the arse, but I feel they are worth it, most of the time.
So with the second pie day upon us, despite the fact I've done overtime this week and haven't had a day off I have again made steak pie. So I thought I would share a photo of them with you.

I think my food photography work still requires uite a lot of work, but will try my hardest to improve it. Who knows when it will come in handy. That said this was shot in available light with no flash, so I don't think its too bad!

Anyway hope you have a nice pieday tomorrow!


p.s. Mum, I'm thinking of you, get some rest x


  1. Look good think you need to bring some to training next time youre there.

  2. Not sure Cree would agree, pastry isn't really the food of athletes.