Monday, 4 March 2013

Day 63 - Checking in!

A day to myself today, no kid, no wife, just me, my camera and my phone. So I spent the morning exploring the quayside in Newcastle and then checking into every place I could be bothered too on foursquare.
It had been my intention to take pictures all around Newcastle, but then decided to just stick with the quayside and then go back to Newcastle again sometime soon. 
That said I did partake in a little people watching whilst I was in town and also made sure I got the Mothers Day presents in... see this blog will act as a reminder service too.
Tomorrow I get to spend a rare day off with the wife, so I think we will head out for a nice walk somewhere.

I'm thinking about running a competition on facebook and twitter soon to win a canvas of a 365 project image of your choice... let me know what you think.

Keep on plugging away folks, thats Monday done with!


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