Monday, 11 March 2013

Day 70 Spring isn't in the air

Its only a couple of weeks till the clocks go forward and yet here we are again, in the middle of another winter storm. Blizzards and icy roads are again likely to be the norm this week. That said, the snow is a little pathetic so far, and long may that last. I'm bored of the cold now, I want to get out more and take more interesting pictures. This morning on the way to work I forced myself out of the cold and into the bitterness that was the outside world. This nearly proved to be a fatal mistake.
You see it was another clambering across the rocks type morning and this time i slipped with my camera in my hand, and it took a rather nasty bang.... upon inspection, absolutely zero damage has been done. Hurrah Canon, I thank you for your build quality. The same can not be said for my rather dirty jeans :(

Anyway the reason for this exploration was to bring you an image that shows the gathering storm, just off the coast at one of my favourite photographic spots. Charlies Garden at Seaton Sluice. Like a small Marsden Rock, but closer, this place always fascinated me as a child. Over the years it has really diminished in size, and not in the same way that Wagon Wheels have (my hands are definitely bigger than when I was a child, although I think Wagon Wheels have also shrunk), but due to the massive power of the sea.

Anyway the picture.... 

Here's hoping for a better week


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