Friday, 29 March 2013

Day 88 Keeping up with the Jones'

Today we headed along the road to see if we could pick up some decorating tips from the second grandest house in the area, (obviously my house is the grandest, well the occupants are anyway).
We headed to a very cold Seaton Deleval Hall. to find out that we had arrived far too early. So we went to boundary mill in Shiremoor where Erin chose her easter present. A cow shaped gravy jug. She's definitely one of a kind!

We headed back to the Hall knowing it had now opened and had a nose around the place. At the moment it is a little threadbare, with extensive renovations currently taking place. A lot of the hall is closed, so I look forward to going back. The one thought I have left with is that I bet that they threw some amazing parties!!!

Here is the hall from the south in all its splendour....

I'm off to a gig tonight, but think by the time I get home it would be too late to blog. So have a good one.


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