Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Day 71 Shining Bright

The Sun is out again, but its still bloody freezing. The idea for todays image was to capture the winter waves crashing against the rocks, but instead the sea was quite calm, so I had to choose something else to do.
For those that know me well, you will be aware that I am not a fan of heights, well not so much that, I'm not a fan of thinking I may fall. However in the name of this blog this morning I put my fears to one side and tried to ignore the freezing wind howling across my face as I walked out onto this peninsula.

Now I understand that it doesn't look that high or that narrow on the picture but it was about 3 foot across at its narrowest and its probably about 60 ft high, so I didn't fancy falling off, and the wind wasn't helping.

So today's picture is a labour of love I suppose, similar to yesterdays. A quest to bring you better images and images that hold a greater general interest. I want to be a better photographer, and will continue to try and develop my skills. Its pretty much the only hobby I have left now, and even then its not really a hobby, I get paid for work, so want to ensure I am giving the absolute best I can to my clients. Maybe I need to get a hobby. Hmmm, sorry this has headed off topic a little, I'm kind of just thinking out loud now.

Right the image.....

I think i need to start choosing the large size for the pictures for the blog from now on.

Anyway, enjoy the sunshine


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