Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Day 64 Keeping an eye on the kids

Blyth has taken a bit of a beating over the years, its not the most affluent of places but that said its the same as anywhere else, it has its nice bits, and its not so nice bits.
Recently a local councillor who lives in the town and campaigns heavily for the town was caught calling it a dump, and saying that he goes to Cramlington to do his shopping. Thats funny, I would have thought as a councillor he should be doing something to attract people into the town.
For those that don't know Blyth that well, in the 80's it was given the unfortunate title of 'drugs capital of the North East', a title it has worked hard to shake off. There has been a lot of money invested in the beach area, to try and get people into the area, Ridley Park has also been heavily invested in. The town centre unfortunately has been allowed to dwindle away, even Charity shops having to up sticks due to the ever increasing cost of having shop space. Now this is something that this lovely councillor can surely do something about.
However rant over, that wasn't supposed to be what this blog was about. I went for a little walk along the quay with the wife this morning and was ready to post a picture looking along the River Blyth, but decided to go with this image instead. One of the things Blyth has become most famous for over the last 15 years is the windmills, most of which have now been removed from the North Pier. However they have recently installed this beast next to the Alcan Silo's where today it stood still seemingly watching over its kids in the sea.

I'll finish just by saying, Blyth isn't perfect but its where I have called home for over 30 years, and will probably continue to call home for the next 20 too. It has its faults, but its home.

Have a good day folks, enjoy the sunshine.


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