Monday, 25 March 2013

Day 84 Splashy tidings

Today I bring you somewhere I visited many times as a child with my parents. Its just behind the Priory in Tynemouth, and we would often head along to feel the sea spraying in our face and just stand and watch the sea for a bit. Marvelling at its power.
This is the mouth of what was once one of the biggest shipbuilding rivers in the world, the Tyne.
For all I very much class myself as a Scotsman, I very much class the North East of England as my home, that is probably because I have spent over 30 years of my 35 year existence here.
It was a very, very cold morning again this morning, for those that follow me on instagram (@lynchio7) you would have seen how wrapped up I was for this image. That said I was still crying with the cold wind whipping into my eyes. and my fingers were pretty much frozen.

Hope it was worth it.....

Stay wrapped up folks, no end in sight for the cold snap yet!


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