Thursday, 28 March 2013

Day 87 Cragside

As revealed the other day, we have purchased our National Trust season tickets, and are determined to make the most out of it. Today we headed to Cragside in the Northumberland national park.
For those that don't know about Cragside, look it up, this isn't some sort of historical information blog.  ;) (
I am sat typing up this blog struggling to stay awake due to the amount of walking we did today, I feel like I should wake up 3 stone lighter tomorrow (if only it was that easy). That said, we probably still covered less than a third of the estate. Erin enjoyed the whole day, especially taking us around the house, telling us all the bits she could remember from when she travelled there with the school.
If I was into reviewing days out this would definitely get 5 stars, a very peaceful and enjoyable day out, but this isn't that sort of day either.
Thats enough from me for now....

Have a good Easter weekend folks.


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