Sunday, 17 March 2013

Day 76 Pooh Sticks

A day on holiday.... yay. And a family day to boot .... yay. To celebrate that the Aliens hadn't in fact taken over the world and that the world wasn't yet coming to an end we decided to head out for a nice family walk this morning.
I had thought about taking advantage of Northumberland's ResFest, but decided against the crowds and extra expenditure on petrol since things are a little tight this month. ResFest is a weekend that Northumberland opens its doors to its residents (can you see how they came up with the name) and many of the regions top attractions either give half price or free admittance to those that pay council tax within the counties confines. I'm not a big fan of crowds, and part of the reason I had decided to do some extra overtime was to join English Heritage and the National Trust to have some family days out, so I will be able to go and enjoy the wonders that the North has to offer in less crowded fashion.

Anyway I seem to have gotten off the beaten track there a little. The 3 of us headed along to Old Hartley and had a lovely walk along Holywell Dene (, it was somewhat sodden underfoot but Erin had fun splashing in the puddles (believe it or not she had to be encouraged at first) and then later on playing pooh sticks on the bridge. We had hoped to spot some of the plentiful wildlife but I think that Erin may have scared them off somewhat.
Then we headed over to the coast and had a little wander along towards St Mary's island and down onto the rocks to take find some shells. I have to say it was a thoroughly pleasurable morning, and something I hope to do more and more throughout the year, especially after I have my memberships to EH and NT.

Have a lovely Sunday folks, I'm going to enjoy my Roast Beef later.


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