Thursday, 14 March 2013

Day 73 Ship Ahoy

I've noticed recently that the North Sea has seemed very busy with ships, I'm not sure why but I know there is a weird looking platform not far off the coast at Blyth, looks a little bit like one of the alien ships from War of the Worlds, so maybe its something to do with that.
Maybe, just maybe its actually an alien invasion, I hope not, I haven't hoovered in the last couple of days. What the hell am I talking about, oh yeah, I've noticed that the sea has seemed busy, most days there seems to be at least 4 large ships within the horizon and thats not including the Ferry that heads in and out the Tyne on what seems like a daily basis. So today as I had a couple of minutes to spare on my way to pick the wife up I thought I would take a picture of one looking like it was going to crash into the lighthouse (if it had then maybe my Alien theory wouldn't look so silly).

For information on this rather fabulous looking vessel head to

I hope if the Aliens are invading that they at least wait until I have finished editing Josh and Harrys photoshoot, which is where I am off to now.

So toodles for now, and if the Aliens do invade and they aren't friendly then I am sad to have failed in my 365 project, but I think that would be an acceptable excuse.


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