Sunday, 3 March 2013

Day 62 - Fishy goings on

So did no-one notice that I had skipped a day in the blog then? I didn't miss a day, just skipped a day in the titles. I apologise most profusely.
Today we decided to have a bit of a walk this morning and we headed along to Tynemouth market and then down to the fish quay at North Shields for a walk around.
I remember as a child going for a walk around the fish quay on a Sunday morning after church. The quay would always be bustling with activity, the quay itself full of boats loading up to go out or unloading the mornings catch.
Its a very different scene today, only 8 or 9 boats in the quay, and only 1 of them getting loaded to go out. When I was a child there were several wet fish stores too, whereas only a handful survive now. A once thriving industry seems to be on its knees. Some of the old fisherman are still about, long since having sold their boats. Their faces etched by years on the high seas. They have experienced things that many of us never will, and sadly neither will many of the new breed of fisherman.

That aside we had a very nice morning, and i'm sure that those still in the industry can still make a very good living.

This afternoon I am off to photograph the adorable Annabel, and I'll hopefully be able to share some of those images with you on my facebook page later on today.

Have a good afternoon folks.


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