Saturday, 9 March 2013

Day 68 - Leotards and Leggings

Saturday's are dance days in our house, well for Erin anyway, and therefore yeah for the whole family. Her dance class with Milly Performance starts at 12 o clock each week, so kind of dominates the whole day. Erin enjoys it and loves her teachers. The same as everything else though, the biggest problem for Erin is keeping her mouth shut long enough to actually learn anything.
Today she has an exam so the day is dominated even more by Dance, so today has been quite stressful, hair up in a bun that wanted to do anything but go into a bun, shoelaces that have knots in them that can only be compared to the sort of mess you find your ipod headphones in when they have been at the bottom of a bag for a week.

Anyway, best go and get ready for exam time!

Have a great weekend


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