Saturday, 23 March 2013

Day 82 Hack 2 Hole

This morning I headed out to do a little bit of work for a friend who has set up a Golf Society that is open to all, in their own words they aim to bring together disabled and able bodied golfers to help improve their game. Their aim is for inclusiveness not exclusiveness. This morning they had their first competition of the year, so I headed along to take some promotional shots for them.
The fact that these guys went ahead and played today shows how serious they are about their inclusiveness, the temperature when I arrived was 1ÂșC and that quickly dropped to zero. Just as the guys headed out to tee off a flurry of snow started and the wind was whipping across the course, which was the very open Newcastle United Golf Course ( so I wasn't at all envious as the intrepid tensome set off in three groups.

My picture today is of Hack2Hole organiser Paul Watson teeing off at the first, I have to tell you this was his second attempt at teeing off, sorry Paul, with his first attempt going 30 yards forward and left into the rough, must have been the pressure of the camera!

If you want more information on Hack 2 Hole then follow them on twitter (

Wrap up warm folks, its a cold one.


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