Saturday, 2 March 2013

Day 61 - Up in the Biggen

Aaaaarrrrggghhh  not another bloody sunrise I hear you cry. Well if you don't like sunrises then you may very well be one of them weirdo type people. (Only joking people are entitled to like what they like.)
For todays sunrise you have my daughter to thank, for some reason she thinks its a good idea to get up at 6am on a Saturday. So I had a choice, stay in bed and get annoyed with her for waking me up so early or get up, go out and get todays picture done. So thats what I did.
So its now half past 8 and I've seen a beautiful sunrise, chatted with a rather interesting fella from the midlands who was out walking his dog (not all the way from the midlands, he was up for the weekend, imagine if he had walked his dog all the way from the midlands, he'd be shattered), done the shopping, helped the child with her weekend homework and am now just about to tuck into a bacon sandwich.
The rest of the day can only be a disappointment really can't it!

Well enough waffling from me. Today you get a treat, 2 images, the first is my wifes choice, the second is mine.

Have a lovely day people.



  1. Mint pics Lynch, who's the two randoms and were they there all night?! ;-)

  2. Ha ha, they would be shattered if they were, they've been there for a few years now.