Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Day 79 Homework

Each school day Erin sits at the dining table, has her breakfast and then does her spellings for the week. This is something she seems to excel at, its something she generally enjoys, until she forgets one, and then all hell breaks loose. How do you tell a six your old child that its natural that they will struggle with some of the words she gets given, some of them I struggle with, like hesitantly or anxiously. She takes it all very personally when she does get one wrong. But as I say she generally does pretty well.
I think she has only gotten 1 word wrong all year. I'm sure people think that we sit and drum the words in to her, we don't. We let her try and spell them on her own by sounding them out, and then if she doesn't get it correct, we show her the word and then go over it again the next day.

So today's picture is of this scene in our dining room.....

Have a good day folks.


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