Friday, 24 May 2013

Day 144 Surfs Up, Way up!

Its nearly blinking June and yet we still seem to be stuck in the middle of a winter storm.
The Bank Holiday at the end of May is supposed to be about getting out in the sunshine, finding a beer garden, enjoying some cider and getting together with friends.
At this rate its going to be about hot chocolate in front of an open fire watching Elf.
I had a very enjoyable lunch date with 2 friends today (who both behaved like 12 year olds) and then on the way home headed down to the coast to see if I could again capture the illusive high wave crashing against the lighthouse shot. I wasn't the only one mad enough to be down there, and my kit took a bit of a soaking from the Sea, but it was fun none the less.

I shot a video hoping that you would be able to hear the power of the sea, but unfortunately all you can really here is the wind blustering into the microphone.

And onto today's pictures

Mother nature at her best I hope you will agree.


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