Saturday, 4 May 2013

Day 123 All for a good cause.

Yesterday (yes you read that right, this is the first time I haven't posted on the day the picture was taken) I was at another wedding. It was another brilliant day and both bride and groom looked stunning.
It was a new venue for me and I really can't say enough about how excellent the venue were, they were very accommodating to me, letting me know little 'secrets' about the best places in the venue to take pictures, including letting me in to guests rooms!

However a special mention needs to go to the florist, who produced quite possibly the most gorgeous table decorations I have ever seen, the guy is an artist. So thats what my photo of the day (yesterday) is. Along with the hanging decorations like this one, there were also single stems in the tiny hanging vases.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend folks


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