Sunday, 5 May 2013

Day 125 Sqauwking

Today has been a bit of a blast from the past Sunday. All about hockey, well kind of.
Firstly, not sure if I have shared the news with you all yet, but Erin has finally cracked it, she can ride her bike, without stabilisers or any assistance! (
So today we headed off out on a bit of a bike ride, before heading out to catch up with the Dekstars in their last training session before UK nationals next weekend.
Then also we headed down to Whitley Bay ice rink to see the Whitley Bay Squaws demolish Nottingham Vipers as they took another step to once again winning the league, and again so far this season they are undefeated.
Todays picture see's Squaws / Dekstars / GB International Sarah Smith carrying the puck out through the offensive zone.
Taking pictures at Whitley Bay Ice rink is always a bit of a challenge and today was no different but it was good to know I can still produce a passable image in these extremely testing conditions!

I hope you have all had an enjoyable weekend.

Here's to knocking the socks off next week!


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