Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Day 142 Its a Small World

I've always enjoyed macro, or close up photography but never really had a proper macro lens, so make do with extension tubes, which generally lead to an extremely narrow depth of field. However I still like to dabble and always look out for possibly interesting things to snap.
I am currently without a lawnmower so my front lawn resembles a bit of a jungle, apparently good for wildlife but not good for neighbour relations. However until Friday there is no hope of me getting a lawnmower so relations will just need to stay strained for now.
I know that Dandelions, while not really being weeds, are frowned upon by people who like things a certain way, however I don't mind them. Just as well as the garden is littered with them.
So whilst they are so plentiful, and before I chop them down in their prime....

Here you go!

Smell ya later


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