Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Day 127 Not another sunset

We were a bit too early for that. And anyway you didn't want the 97th Sunset of my project, did you Darren!!!!

I'm back to walking on my breaks at work again, and also have gained some walking buddies, which makes it a bit more fun. Today we managed to get out for 2 walks, and got to see some very interesting things, there was a lady in a see through black skirt wearing a white thong, there was a group of chavs, one of whom got caught taking a piss by a lady out running with her dog. What can I say, its a classy area.

There is also some classy graffiti on the sundial, an example of which is 'Jamie I am wet for you, P.S. it was raining'.

Anyway, onto todays image.

Have a good day tomorrow people


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