Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Day 135 Keeping it Simple

Another day lacking in inspiration. So I got to thinking, this is supposed to be a blog about pictures, and what do you take pictures with? So I got out my old Kodak Instamatic, from a time when things were simpler... or more honestly, just different. Yes the mechanics of the camera were far simpler, no megapixels to worry about here, but you still had the whole development issue, and remember with film, you were stuck with one ISO for 24 or 36 shots unless you wanted to waste film. 
For anyone thats interested, the camera in the shot is a Kodak Instamatic 77x, which was released in my year of birth, had a fixed f11 lens, and a fixed shutter speed of 1/50th of a second. In other words, your lighting had to be perfect, as you weren't going to adjust anything with the actual camera, you could use 'magicubes' to help you, but even then they were a 4 shot deal per cube, so even so called cheap photography could get expensive quickly.

Anyway enough rambling from me, this shot is pretty much as it came out the camera, thanks to the 7D's wireless flash firing system...

So thats 135 down and only 230 to go, hope you are enjoying my 'adventure' more than I am! ;)


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