Thursday, 28 February 2013

Day 59 Why so serious?

Today marks a new start in my photography adventure. For the first time since I had a Pentax MZ 50 and Canon EOS 33 I have 2 camera bodies. This is born not of greed but of requirement.
I had a little bit of a scare at a wedding last year when my 7D decided to develop a little bit of an electrical fault. So I need a back up for when I'm doing weddings, to be honest I know I've been lucky up until now.
So the decision process was long and arduous, go for a more modern backup but one that doesn't produce similar levels of IQ and image quality as the 7D or go for an older camera that doesn't have all the bells and whistles but consistently produces excellent quality images.

With the help of a fellow Canon user and blogger Helen Brabon I plumped for the Canon Eos 5D, the original one, not the Mark II or III as both are currently well out of my price range.

First impressions are good. The body seems to be in excellent condition and from the test shots the metering system although outdated seems to be workable if somewhat different to my 7D, and importantly the images seem to be nice and sharp.

So todays image is one of those test images. Nothing fancy today, just a simple shot of my daughter, no fancy lighting just a nice big window.

So thats today, and for those interested my mood seems to be a lot better since the golf yesterday, amazing what getting away from it even for a few hours (or 5 and a half if you go with Lee Oakley) can do for you.

Have a good one


p.s. a quick thanks to Kay Priestley who sat and waited patiently for UPS to deliver said camera today!

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