Friday, 15 February 2013

Day 46 - The Calm before the Storm

So this weekend is one I look forward too and dread in equal measure, so today has been about putting final preperations together, making sure nothing has been forgotten and generally just getting a bit of a stress head on.

So what to do for a photo. A while ago a fellow Dekstar had asked me if I could do some photo's for her, as she needed a couple of headshots for her Drama Society, for use in programmes and the like, would I be able to help her out. So we set a date, and that passed, so we set another one and stuck to it.

I spent some time studying poses and lighting diagrams, and then decided to just go with what I felt was right.

I had a great conversation with a fellow artist (photographer) the other day about what Photography means to us. We are both very much believers that photo's should really be about more than just being a picture. They are an interpretation of a subject or a moment in time, and I would like to think that people would be able to tell my work from someone else's, but can't put a finger on what is different about my images. I've been told by several people that my images are different to the norm and in a good way, so fingers crossed that continues to be the case.

Anyway Amy is a very laid back lady, and I always get the feeling she is quite cheeky, but it bubbles under the surface, so once we had finished with the more classic shots, we had a little bit of fun with some hats. This isn't what i consider to be technically the best image I took today, but it does to me give a window into Amy. I hope she agrees and I must thank her for allowing me to share this image with you.

So without further ado I present Amy..

Have fun, and fingers crossed the weekend is a success.

Thanks for looking in.