Friday, 22 February 2013

Day 53 Hide and Seek

Just in case you hadn't noticed its half term. Those that use the roads at peak times will have certainly noticed.
And for all I really couldn't be bothered to get up this morning Erin and I had a walk planned. So up I got. And off we headed for a walk, that would take in a game of Dungeons and Dragons (the tv show), a game of Thundercats and a lot of shouting "POO".

It took about 30 seconds after leaving the house for Erin to suggest playing a game, for those that have ever spent any time with Erin, you will know this is some kind of record. I asked what game and she replied with "Dungeons and Dragons, I'll be Sheila", suddenly remembering that all Eric does was complain about stuff I decided to be Eric. This game lasted for a good 15 minutes before Erin got sick of me complaining and saying everything creeped me out. So then we just walked and chatted about wildlife for a bit. It really is amazing how much children learn in their early years, from a blank slate to a vocabulary consisting of thousands of words, and amazing facts in under 7 years.
Anyway we continued our walk looking for wildlife and took in the fishing pond, which no-one was fishing at, mainly I assume because the fishing pontoons are under a foot of water. On we trekked in our hunt for wildlife until Erin decided she had had enough and wanted to play Thundercats. Suggesting that I was Tigra so I could turn invisible. But then when I did Erin would always shout, "No you aren't I can see you". So this game gave way pretty quickly to Erin shouting "POO" every time she saw a bit of poo on or near the path. So the hope of seeing any wildlife was pretty much non existent now, unless we happened upon a deaf ant. That pretty much brought our walk to an end. We didn't see any wildlife but we did get some fresh air and have some fun.

As I type this Erin is busy watching Scooby Doo and writing her own version of events from this morning, I'm sure that will be more interesting than mine to be honest. I may even let you see them another day.

For now, todays picture is Erin playing hide and seek in the tree's. I'm not sure how she thought she wouldn't be found with that hat on though!

Have a good day folks.


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