Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Day 51 - Desperation sets in

Now I don't know if its because I'm just rather busy or if its because I'm tired, and maybe just maybe a little bit emotional, but today has been a real struggle. Both at work and then trying to find something to photograph.
I've been in one of those moods where the littlest thing pisses me off, and I've tried to not let it get in the way of my day. This always happens when I have too much going on and can't concentrate on one thing for long enough.
So what do you do when you are feeling like that? You've got to try and keep things simple. I didn't I tried to do something that showed how I felt, and ended up with just a terrible image. Which I then immediately deleted.
So then I had a thought, go right back to the beginning, what happened at the start of this blog that made me feel inspired, the sunrise and the music. As I've already said music is one of my great loves. Its something I use to help me change moods, or to enhance a mood when I'm feeling better than I am today. So for todays blog I bring you another musical related question, once again the album in shot is Of Monsters and Men's My head is an Animal. I thoroughly recommend it.

Thats it from me for just now. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day, one things for sure, I'm going to make sure I have my headphones...


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