Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day 50 - Bright Starts

I will never apologise for taking pictures of sunrises or sunsets, however I will try and keep them interesting for you and make them as different as possible.
Today's sunrise was again a corker as the sun rose it was like a giant Orange hockey ball. Quite fitting for the weekend that has just passed.

One last quick note on the weekend, if you are wondering what its all about then check out this great video from the guys at Sky Tyne and Wear. -

After the success of the weekend yesterday felt a little surreal and I awoke this morning feeling a little flat. So this amazing view this morning really helped pick me up a little, and hopefully made me a little more bearable at work today.

Moving forward now, the weekend seems not only to have been a success for the Dekstars and Ball Hockey in general but also for myself with more enquiries about my services, so things are looking good.

If you are interested in paying me for my services then get in touch, I'm always looking for new challenges so no matter what it is I will give it a go. Obviously I mean my photographic services, I'm not going to try and fit a kitchen for you. Actually on second thoughts, ask who knows I may give it a whirl!

I will close simply by saying if you wake up and you are on a bit of a downer, really try and take 5 minutes to get out and watch the sunrise. I'm sure you won't regret it.


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