Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Day 43 Horseplay

Ok so for those who know me well, you must have guessed that I wouldn't let this whole horse thing go by without at least one photo pertaining to the hot topic. So this is that blog post.
Now I've read quite a lot around this story and I have to admit, the press are missing the real story here. The thing I want to read about isn't the Bollotics (copyright Paul Lynch) behind the whole story, or who's fault it all is, or even the morality behind the whole thing.
The thing I want to hear more from is the people who really feel affected by the story. The people that had consumed the meat. Or even better, people that have eaten a similar product and have automatically assumed that they have eaten tainted meat. The over-reactions I have heard in the past week have been nothing short of thoroughly entertaining.
I don't think I have seen one story informing us of the symptoms associated with any side effects of eating the tainted meat, which means 1 of 2 things. 1) there really isn't anything to worry about, or 2) its a continuing massive cover up and we are heading towards a Walking Dead style scenario. With option 1 there is nothing to worry about and with the second one we're kind of all screwed anyway, so lets enjoy the time we have left!

Ok so the image possibly isn't in the best possible taste, but it kind of mirrors my dark sense of humour.

Enjoy your Horse Burgers and Lasagneigh.

Thats me done now, I'll Lego of this topic. ;)


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