Monday, 4 February 2013

Day 35 - Nail Biting

Nervousness is a funny old thing. When I think back of all the times I have been truly nervous they aren't particularly numerous, school and Uni exams, having to own up when I had done something naughty as a kid, Wedding Day, Birthday of my child, first day of a new job, and every single time I take my car in for its MOT.
That day was today. Now for those not in the know, mechanically I have not had the best of luck with cars. Just under 12 months ago I lost my last car to a broken Cam Belt, that wasn't due to be replaced for another 30,000 miles, after not long spending £1000 on repairs. I got £250 back for it, and was pretty heartbroken. That is just one tale of woe when it comes to me and cars.

So my current car has been pretty good, its high mileage and has needed a couple of bits and bobs done in the last 12 months, a service, break callipers (pads and discs) and a Mass Airflow sensor. So off I popped this morning to Uncle Dave's motor engineers (Otherwise known as D.Holland Motor Engineers in Walker). Full of dread I pulled the car in to the garage and handed the keys over to Pro Ice Hockey player Dean Holland, who would be putting my car through its test.

I commented to Dean on how I don't know how they remember everything they had to check as he gave my car a good going over to make sure that it was roadworthy. At this point the nerves were really building, I don't know if you have ever watched your car be put through its MOT but its like watching a pet be prodded and poked by a vet, you want to make sure everything is ok but in the back of your mind is always the thought that you hope that your wallet is also going to be ok.

After what seemed like an eternity (but was only actually 55 minutes) Dean gave me the good news that my car had passed, and there weren't even any advisory notices! To reward my car I may wash it, or more likely take it to an immigrant to wash (Non immigrant hand car washes are also available).

Then off I went to a paid photography job! Unfortunately I can't currently share the images with you, but in the next couple of days I may share some images of websites that are currently using my images.

Have a good day folks


p.s. I didn't post to facebook or twitter yesterday, and got 1 view on my blog. :(

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  1. Busy day Lynch but I will always get on and check back if I need to. I'm liking your work