Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day 99 - Wooly Jumpers

Well Christine headed back to work today, which means I am in charge of the sprog for the rest of the week. And to try and prevent world war 3 taking place I am hoping to head out each day.
Today was the turn of Gibside Hall, which was very pleasant if somewhat cold. but I have been itching to get a picture of a new lamb since its that time of year and as we have already discovered I am nothing if not clich├ęd.
So the lambs at Gibside gave me the ideal opportunity to tick this one off the list.

Some lambs are happier than others!
I know that the farmers tag their sheep for identification purposes, but I do often wonder if they hold Farmer Bingo sessions, if so I really hope they don't put them in a giant ball and spin them round.

Anyway thats me for the day, I'm still trying to defrost.


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